Robot Cupcake Party

By on October 5th, 2009 . Filed under: Birthday Ideas, Cupcake Ideas, Decorating .

robot cupcake (Large)

Hi!  I just wanted to share my robot cupcakes with you!  This is for my son Otis Rhythm!  Thanks for looking!  I love your site so much:)  Love Katharine

Great job Katharine with this cupcake tree.  The presentation really pops with the lightning blue and the robot cupcake toppers.  Too bad the toppers are sold out on Etsy.

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4 Responses to Robot Cupcake Party

  1. Jacqueline Strawder

    Companions Horse Wall Art is awesome …I would love to use this in redoing my daughters room.

    Thanks for the giveaway …great toy!


  2. Maria

    I would LOVE to get this for my daughter (and yeah, me too):

    They’re sooo adorable – those cute lil cupcake lip glosses.

    And I love the giveaway item – that is sooo cute!

  3. two parts sugar

    Hey…CSN has great prices! We got our banner there. I am now looking at all the kids stuff for baby #3!

  4. Ronny

    congratulations ! .. you have just won one new reader ;)

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