Elle Macpherson Cupcake Collection

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Unlike some cupcake undergarments there are no actual cupcakes this time. Here cupcake is only used in the title.    I thought I’d post it anyway since Elle Macpherson Intimates are always elegant and if you are wearing it under your clothes you will still know that what you have on has to do with what you love, cupcakes!  The Elle Macpherson Cupcake Collection has two bra and two underwear styles to choose from.  I found them on Zodee, which is offering a special, buy the bra and get the matching underwear free.  I also know that Nordstroms carries Elle Macpherson Intimates, the website did not show the cupcake line but you could always check with your local store.  And just to mention, since October is breast cancer awareness month, Nordstroms has a special where for every bra you buy in one of their stores they donate $2.oo to support Susan G. Komen for the cure. So you could buy the bra and get something free for you or buy a bra and do something good for others.

elle macpherson cupcake braelle macpherson cupcake underwear

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