Elephant Cupcakes

By on September 28th, 2009 . Filed under: Birthday Ideas, Cupcake Ideas .

Patty, AKA Vampire Gran, designed a beautiful elephant cupcake that does not take many resources to pull off.  Needed materials are a couple pastry bags, two decorating tips #804 and #124, and chocolate chips for eyes.  Full step by step photos and instructions were immensely helpful.

elephant cupcake (1)

elephant cupcake

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3 Responses to Elephant Cupcakes

  1. Donna Lane

    After looking at all of different cupcakes, my favorite is the 3 mini cupcakes…OMG they are just adorable!!! My kitchen is done in pink and brown with cupcakes being the theme, so I love everything cupcakes and even decorates some awesome cupcakes myself being a cake decorator and sugar artist!

  2. Princess Heather

    I went and made these cupcakes last night, they are just so adorable, I made them pink though…and they were sooo good!

  3. Emi Sumpman

    As much as I love purple, I have to go with the mini vanilla cupcake. That huge berry on top looks too yummy to resist. And of course there is nothing better than vanilla cupcakes!

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