Cupcake Magnet Giveaway

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You won’t believe your eyes! These cupcakes are the non-edible creations of Etsy artisan threerabbits. Each cupcake  is made completely from non-food materials but  SMELLS like a real cupcake!  I can’t tell you how may friends and family have taken a second look to see if I had a real cupcake on my fridge. 


Threerabbits also sells these cute little cupcakes as decorations and these cupcake baggies.   Just put one of the faux cupcakes (or cupfakes) in the bag and you have the perfect goodie bag for a cupcake birthday party!


Threerabbits is now giving away this yummy looking cupcake magnet to one of you!  Just go to her shop and come back to ATC and leave a comment in the comment area about what item (or items!) you liked best.  The winner will be announced on Monday, October 5th.  Thanks threerabbbits!


Visit stayhomecupcake’s shop on Etsy.

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53 Responses to Cupcake Magnet Giveaway

  1. Crystal

    Mouse Eating Cupcakes Magnet. Now that’s adorable!

  2. Michelle

    The mini faux vanilla frosting cupcake!! I could just eat it.

  3. Sara

    I love cupcakes but also love cats…
    love the painted kitty stone

  4. Ashley

    Wow! They’re all adorable but the mini pink berry cupcake is the cutest! And it smells like a cupcake too? That settles it, I’m in love.

  5. Donna

    I would have to say that my favorite is the 3 mini cupcakes they are sooo awesome looking! Being a cake decorator myself who makes cupcakes those looks soo realistic!

  6. Gina

    Such a cute site! I love almost everything on there but I have to say my favorite is the three minin cupcakes, partly because i’m in love with the one with the cherry on top! I’m also loving the mini glass vases, and the loved butterfly heart magnet.

  7. Shelbi

    I love the three mini cupcakes! how cute are those! I would love to have some for my fridge since I’m I’m a baker :)

  8. Princess Heather

    OMG I loooovvee the Pink Berry Cupcake! Well I actually love them all, but that one would be a perfect addition to my already pink/cupcake apartment! It is so adorable and looks so yummy! :D

  9. Jennifer

    I like the vanilla frosting one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Amber A

    I just love love love the cupcake magnets! I think they would be perfect on my fridge!

  11. Stacy

    Since I am perfecting my cupcake recipes this will give me great inspiration every time I go to the fridge.

    Thanks and have a sweet day,

  12. mycupcake

    I actually liked the magnets best, and I would love to have them on my fridge!

    By the way, I really like your blog and visit it regularly.


  13. Micki

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! My fave items are the HALLOWEEN TRIO OF FAUX cupcakes! They would be such fun to give to my daughter!

  14. dymphna

    i love the mouse eating the cupcake

  15. Bethani

    I love the magnets because I’m a manget fanatic.
    I also love the Halloweens cupcakes. Mainly the one with the little mummy coming out of it. Fun and festive way to share what you love during such a fun holiday

  16. Holly Miller

    I LOVE the fairy proof cupcake in a jar! That is too adorable!

  17. Diana

    Wow, they look so real!!! Besides the cupcakes, my favorite item is the garden gnome magnet. So adorable!

  18. Candace R

    I love her cupcake with the witch! It’s so cute! It looks real too, makes me want a purple cupcake….yummo!! :)

  19. Marci

    That is some great work that you do! I love the Mini Faux Chocolate Frosting Cupcake but the Fairy Proof/ Poop had me cracking up :)

  20. Anita T.

    I love the faux halloween cupcakes the best. So cute!

  21. Angela

    I love the mini bud vase….although everything on the site is absolutely darling!!! I am obsessed with cupcakes and find your site so easy when it comes to wonderful finds such as these!!!

  22. ShootingStarsMag

    oh wow, these are so cute. just looking at them makes me hungry. I love these:

    Trio of Faux Mini Cupcakes in Pink

  23. Emi Sumpman

    I must have replied to the wrong one! But as I said there, I have to go with the mini vanilla cupcake. The huge berry on top looks too yummy to resist. And vanilla is the best stuff ever! Even though purple is my favorite color, that berry will have to be purple enough! Can’t wait to see more from you!

  24. Michelle

    Mini Faux Vanilla Frosting CUPCAKE is to die for! So cute, you could just eat it up! Kudos!

  25. Michelle

    Mini Faux Vanilla Frosting CUPCAKE is to die for! So cute, you could just eat it up! Kudos to you!

  26. Michelle

    The Mini Faux Vanilla Frosting CUPCAKE is adorable! So cute, you could just eat it up.

  27. Emily Harris

    I love the magnets! Especially the chocolate red raspberry one.

  28. Sarah

    I love everything….Cupcakes and Disney are my two favorite things and the Mickey pot holders made me smile! I also loved the little mouse eating the cupcake!! Adorable!

  29. Naomi

    the mini pink berry cupcake looks really yummy and its the cutest thing ever! this takes a whole new take on fridge magnets, I want one :D

  30. Rebecca C

    Halloween Faux Cupcake with Mummy is really cute!

  31. Toshua

    These magnets are adorable! I also love, love, love the WHAT — Mouse Eating Cupcakes magnet. Thanks!

  32. shanshea

    love the mini cupcake magnets!

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    […] there all you cupcake lovers! This is just a reminder that today is the last day to enter our Cupcake Magnet Giveaway sponsored byEtsy crafter threerabbits. One winner will be chosen tomorrow morning so enter […]

  34. lisa molina

    Cupcakes make the world go ’round!

  35. Michelle

    The berry cupcake is absolutely beautiful!
    Never seen anything like it

  36. delaney3

    the yellow cupcake pincushion witht the cupcake pins!

  37. Maureen

    The Halloween Faux Cupcake with Mummy is just too darling.

  38. Beejay

    Oh my goodness! These are really cute, I don’t know how I missed this post, but I did! I love the chololate frosted cupcakes, and the halloween ones are adorable too!

  39. Maryam AL Awadhi

    those r just adorable… everything has a cupcake on it simply screams buy me,, take me,, u want me….

  40. Rachel

    Oh my gosh they look so real… Other than the cupcakes i love the garden gnome magnet! They’re all so cute!

  41. Kristen

    very cute, I like the mini faux cupcakes, but really love the magnet being given away

  42. Ashley

    Oh my goodness! How precious are those!!!

  43. Katie

    I have to say that I fell in love with the baby mitts. I’m about to have a baby myself and if I can get those in blue, I’ll get them for my little boy. SO cute.

  44. annalene

    I love the Three Mini Cupcake Magnets. I love the shape and colors of cupcakes and these examples are super cute!

  45. Farra Cassidy

    Halloween is my favorite holiday so, I LOVE the Halloween cupcakes!!

  46. Lindsey

    I have to say my mouth was watering at the site of those faux halloween cupcakes!! Too good to be true!!

  47. Jessika

    I just absolutely love these cupcake magnets!!
    My 1 1/2 year old daughter is considered my lil cupcake because when i was pregnant with her I craved cupcakes really bad. Her 2nd birthday party’s theme is cupcakes and for Halloween she’s gonna be a cupcake fairy!! Seeing these cupcake magnets everyday will remind me of her all the time. =)

  48. Ashley

    I love,love,love anything cupcake! Those magnets are so adorable!

  49. Nikki B.

    Those are absolutly adorable! I love them and I really want them! =]]

  50. Gina

    Love the chocolate cupcake magnet with raspberry and chocolate drizzle – makes me want to eat a cupcake right now!

  51. b w speakers

    Fairly nice submit. I just stumbled upon your webpage and wanted to say that I’ve genuinely loved looking your weblog posts. In any case I??ll be subscribing to your feed and that i hope you create again soon!

  52. Cassy C.

    Totally in love with your tallent to make such scrumdiddlyumtious pink cupcake art! Your so fab! love, love, love the smile they put on my face. Thanks.

  53. Valerie

    Creative,adorable items, love browsing through websites like yours. The cupcake magnet with the big shiny cherry takes the cake!….Thanks for sharing

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