Cupcake Bubble Goes Global

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Some people say that the cupcake bubble has reached a pinnacle.  This is most likely true for certain areas of the country. Most prominent are the Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC areas; each boasting many quality cupcakes stores to enjoy and compare against.  Have certain US metropolitan areas reached saturation point for the number of cupcake stores it can support?  Yes, definitely.

Are there other areas other than the major US metropolitan areas that cupcakes have not spread to?  Yes.

Here are some other cupcakes stores that have found a home in areas you would have never have thought possible:

23 cupcake sugar daddy

After falling in love with the cupcakes and baked goods, Fadi Jaber started “Sugar Daddy’s” in his home in Amman, Jordan.  Business has been doing so well he opened new stores in Beirut and Dubai.  Aside from the original American flavors, Jaber tries to appeal to regional tastes, creating a date cupcake with cream cheese frosting, as well as pistachio with orange blossom frosting.

23 cupcake by tom mexico city

Mexico City’s cupcake king, Tom Grant, started “Cupcakes by Tom” in the middle of a country who has not been introduced to cupcakes.  About 60 customers descend on the bakery each day to scoop up a few hundred cupcakes and a hundred muffins baked every morning.  Tom is a true cupcake ambassador.

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