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Another week, another fabulous Etsy giveaway!  This week I would like to introduce you to omydarlinkids.  They create custom art smocks and crayon holders from a unique selection of fabrics that will inspire your kids to dive into the amazing world of art.  Omydarlinkids sent me this adorable blue cupcake smock and crayon pouch.  The stitching was perfect and the fabrics were beautiful.   My little one loved using her smock as an apron while helping me bake (cupcakes, of course!).  I only wish I could sew this well!



pouchNow you have a chance to win either the green or the blue smock for your little cupcake.  Just go to the comment section below and leave a link to a favorite cupcake recipe or cupcake art project.  Please also tell me why you picked it as a favorite.  Thank you to omydarlinkids for donating a lovely smock to our giveaway.   

One winner will be chosen on Monday, September 28th.  Please check out all the other smocks and pouches on her Etsy shop.

green smock

Visit stayhomecupcake’s shop on Etsy.

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33 Responses to Cupcake Smock Giveaway

  1. Kiley Smith

    Here is my FAV Cupcake Recipe:

    I chose this one because Sprinkles makes the most delicious cupcakes! I especially love their cream cheese frosting! I would love to have this smock for my daughter to use at preschool! She would LOVE it!

  2. Jennifer

    I love this resin cupcake necklace on Etsy!

  3. sara

    This is the newest cupcake recipe I am dying to try! It has all the flavors I love!

  4. shanshea

    these cupcakes are delicious (so was just the batter)! very light and fresh. when i made them i topped them with fresh strawberries. yuuuum.

  5. Brittany Carrington

    I’m a total sucker for these “Red Velvet Cupcakes” over at I think it must be the southern gal in me. Also, her photography is outstanding and it makes me want to try EVERY recipe on her site! The smocks are awesome, my daughter sooo needs one, she is quite the artist and is always covered in paint! :)

    Britt @

  6. Amanda

    I really love these key lime cupcakes from Bon Appetit; they’re delicious, unique, and so pretty (LOVE the shade of green)! My husband loved the change of pace from the usual chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Plus, we live just outside of Atlanta, so the recipe had local appeal as well (given the bakery where the recipe came from). :)

  7. Candace R

    Love her polymer clay cupcakes. They are so cute! She even makes the world’s smallest polymer clay cupcake for bracelets and they are soooo cute!!

  8. Marissa

    Here is my new fave cupcake recipe or rather cupcake pops. The reason I love it is because I feel like I’m creating edible art! I love the recipe from beginning to end. Where else can you mix a freshly baked cake with your frosting and then roll into little balls. It was so fun from beginning to end.

  9. Autumn

    I LOVE this recipe: My family and I did the vegan thing for about 18 months and when I first started, I thought I’d never get to have cupcakes again. Luckily I found this recipe! I actually like it better than any other cake recipe I’ve found! It really is super moist and REALLY easy to make. Here’s a picture of my actual cupcakes before they were frosted. Look how fluffy and delish they look!

  10. Cassie

    I love the way this artist transforms ordinary onesies into cupcakes. Awesome! They look great!

  11. Jessica

    I love coca cola so when I saw this recipe I made it. It didn’t taste like coke but it gave it a very mousse like flavor. I loved it and has been my favorite since especially because it gives me the excuse to buy a bottle of coke :)

  12. Shelly

    I love chocolate and peanut butter together, I made these with all organic ingredients and they were to die for!

  13. deede

    I love these strawberry cupcakes:

    because they are not sugary SWEEEEEET. Just the right amount of sweet balance that lets the strawberry flavor come through. Try them; you will like them, you will see!

  14. Jaime

    Fav is the Weight Watchers Two Point Cupcakes

  15. egater

    My favorite cupcake idem is Pink Cupcake Brown Bear 3-Layer Necklace Cute, isn’t it :)

  16. nikki

    I love this little purse with a cupcake on it! I’ve made a few to give to the little girls in my family for Christmas. I hope they love them as much as I do!

  17. Margarita

    My fave cupcake recipe is Martha’s Chocolate Salted-Caramel Cupcakes!!

    It tastes so yummy and gooey and the salt and the sweet is amazing. I love the sprinkles apron, it’s adorable!

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  19. Christine

    This is my current favorite cupcake recipe. Why? Because, well, what could be more tasty than chocolate and bananas?! Yummo!

    The sprinkles smock is super cute ;)

  20. Christi

    I made these for my daughter’s first birthday party — both the chocolate and the vanilla versions. The chocolate was my favorite. And they’re super cute when decorated too!

  21. Karyn

    I love cakeballs, and am really excited to make these, they are so so cute and I am sure super tasty!

  22. Janette

    The smocks are so cute! This is definitely my favorite cupcake- mini molten chocolate cakes!:

  23. Omydarlinkids Giveaway - Ends - 09-28-2009

    […] […]

  24. lea

    Chocolate cupcakes with molten centers… can’t possibly get any better thank this!

  25. Lisette

    I LOVE that cute cupcake necklace. I choose it as my favorite cupcake art (jewelry after all is a form of art) because I love how it’s so simple and small yet still so adorable!

  26. Amy

    These chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream are heavenly!!! I made a batch, took them to work to share and they were gone by the time I could get my hand off the plate followed by tons of oohs and oh my goodnesses. Washed down with a glass of cold milk…oh, sooo yummy!!! Thank you Marzipan Mom and Sky High! :)

  27. Ashley

    Here’s a recipe from my favourite dessert cookbook “The Happy Baker, A Dater’s Guide to Emotional Baking”. All the recipes are delicious and the dating stories spaced between them are often really hilarious. These cupcakes really tasty and have the best name ever! So here’s the “My Mom Didn’t Like You Anyway, Cupcake” Recipe:

  28. Lisa

    Here’s the recipe for Cupcake Pops and Cupcake Bites…besides being insanely cute (isn’t everything that’s mini just a bit cuter?)….these would make great party favors!

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  33. s. swanson

    I picked it because I love caramel!

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