Cupcake dish sets.

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I love shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I can always find a few cupcake items that I just have to have. In the last few weeks I have found many cupcake items in the kitchen sections. Keep in mind when shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls that sets of items are often not available at the same time and it may take a few weeks to complete a set. Also keep in mind that half of a set may be for sale at TJ Maxx and the other part at Marshalls. Always save your receipt so if you can’t find all the pieces you want you can just return them.

Cupcake fairy cups 2.99 each

Cupcake fairy cups

Cupcake party platter 5.99 bowls 2.99 each

Cupcake party platter and bowls

Cupcake celebration and birthday pieces 3.99 each, platter 6.99

Happy Birthday and Celebration set Close up

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7 Responses to Cupcake dish sets.

  1. MamaBear

    What an AWESOME find! I have been looking for cupcake fairy items for a long time!
    Do they have a stamp by who they are made by? If so, let me know so I can do some research! :)

  2. CupcakeRetro

    Mama Bear,

    If you are near a TJMaxx or Marshall’s I would get there fast! I have just learned that these items are on clearance at a few stores so now most are 2-8$

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  4. anthony james

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  5. Alicia S

    They have an awesome halloween cupcake decoration there now

  6. Valerie Bryant

    I found some cupcake mugs at TJ Maxx that have cupcake collection by joy on the bottom. Are these the same mugs? Thanks, Valerie

  7. Krystal

    Hobby Lobby has some adorable cupcake glass dishes, metal bowls and other cupcake stuff…

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