A Slice of Orange with your Cupcakes?

By on September 17th, 2009 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas, Decorating, Recipes .

The cupcake baker is at it again …

I don’t know what most people think about right before they go to sleep .. maybe how the days events went, maybe something that you have to to get done the next day¬† … What I think about right before¬† I fall asleep, CUPCAKES! Chocolate orange cupcakes was the last thing on my mind the other night.

So I decided to try em’ out … this is how they turned out.


All that I did was use a box mix and used orange juice instead of water. And for the frosting instead of milk as the recipe calls for i used orange juice.

They weren’t as dense as i had hoped and they needed a tad more orange flavor! But they are all around Yummy!!

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  1. Amber!

    i make a super easy chocolate cupcake too! all i use is a chocolate box mix and a couple spoons of orange jam/marmalade to taste! It’s amazing and if you want more orange flavor i just mix more of the jam into cool whip and fill the cupcakes! it’s absolute heaven!

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