September Cupcake Tattoos

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More beautiful cupcake tattoos out there in the world!
cupcake tattoo

I came across your site a couple days before I got my first tattoo.. a cupcake! And I thought to myself, what an awesome site to show my appreciation of the greatest dessert ever! So I finally got around to sending a picture in! By the way, I love the site, it’s super cute and yummy! – Taylor

Peace Love cupcake tattoo

I love vegan cupcakes. I hope to have my own vegan bakery/coffeeshop sometime in the future! This is a picture of my first tattoo. :D – Katherine

cupcake and ribbon

I love all the pictures you show of your readers cupcake tattoos.  I just recently got my cupcake tattoo for my daughter Lily.  Your site helped me tremendously when drawing it up.  Hope you like it. – Trina

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3 Responses to September Cupcake Tattoos

  1. Omar Reyes

    I am always looking out for great little tattoo stories. I must admit this is a first – finding a great story on a cupcake blog.

    Goes to show you, anything, creatively done, can make a great tattoo design.

    Great post!

  2. Jessy

    I love cupcakes so much, but I don’t think I’d be brave/willing to get a tattoo of it on me…maybe a fake one or a henna tattoo. Very creative and cute though!

  3. Mark

    I want one, but am afraid of tatoos

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