Birthday Cupcake Party

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A long-time reader, Karyn, threw a cupcake birthday party for her daughter. ┬áSometimes all the glamorous photos of boutique cupcakes doesn’t match up to the satisfied smile of a child who ate a cupcake! Entire cupcake party photo set at Facebook.

cupcake dress

big cupcake

birthday cupcake

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9 Responses to Birthday Cupcake Party

  1. Karyn

    Just wanted to let everyone the dress in the 1st picture was made by my good friend Sarah, she is AMAZING!

    Here is her website

  2. Jessica

    First off, you have an adorable daughter.
    I actually signed onto this website because this is exactly what I planned on doing for my daughter’s first birthday!
    Just a couple of questions. Were all the regular cupcakes for the guests? How much of that giant one was she able to eat? I had thought about making a giant cupcake for the guests to split and having a regular size one for her, but I don’t know if that would be enough. Any thoughts?


  3. Karyn


    The regular cupcakes were for the other guests and the big one for her, but she hardly ate any of the big cupcake…some people did eat a slice of the big cupcake, but most of it was leftover, so that might be a better idea to make the big one for guests and a little one for her!

    If you have any other ?’s or need any help I am more than happy to help!

  4. Mistey

    Great idea of the big cupcake. I have a couple of questions… how did you make the big cupcake or was it store brought? (if you don’t mind sharing), what was the flavor? (it looks chocolate)


  5. Essie

    Aw..sweet. What a beautiful baby. Im also quite enjoy coming up with new ideas for kids party & am a self confessed cupcake ‘addict’. Check out my blog on cupcakes http//

  6. Karyn


    I made the cupcake myself….I bought the Wilton Big Cupcake pan and baked it! The cake was a yellow cake and I made the buttercream icing and piped it with a baggie onto the cupcake! It was a pretty easy cupcake to make, just found a little info online about it.

  7. lindsey

    i really love that and my bday is coming up and i love cupcakes i would love to make a cupcake cake like that for myself how is it made???

  8. lindsey

    lol… I just realized that you already posted how you made it… thanks though! this is going to be fun!

  9. KB at Florida Insurance

    Thanks for sharing the Pictures. I bet these pictures on you site will be fond memories of such a cute Baby Girl. The Huge Cupcake is a great idea. She looks so happy eating it. I know the feeling.

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