Large Cupcake Wedding Tree Desert Tower and Display Stand 7, 5, or 3 Tiers

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Large Cupcake Wedding Tree Desert Tower and Display Stand 7, 5, or 3 Tiers

If you are looking for a Beautiful, creative and affordable cupcake stand for your event that will last a lifetime, you have found the right place!

Cupcakes have become such a popular dessert and are the perfect solution for displaying up to 300 cupcakes on the large cupcake tree.

Constructed completely of 1/2 inch wood, our towers are made to last a lifetime! Why spend so much on a stand that will only last a time or two. Our trees will be used again and again, year after year.

Whether you are having a birthday party, a shower, wedding, Church bake sale, Christmas display idea etc etc.. you will find our Trees a wonderful affordable Heirloom!

The perfect solution for your important event.

Our Stands are painted WHITE as a free service to you, but if you have another color in mind we charge an additional 20.00 for other colors.

7 tier= 69.00
18″, 16″, 14″, 12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″ inch tiers
Square holds approximately 115 LARGE cupcakes
Round hold Approximately 95 LARGE cupcakes

5 tiers= $59.00
Square hold Approximately 100 LARGE cupcakes
Round holds Approximately 80 LARGE cupcakes

3 tier= 39.00
Holds Approximately 40 LARGE cupcake

Available at Thee Wishing Well.

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  1. Laurie English

    Both of these photos are the sole property of Cupcakeology LLC and are being used without permission. None of the stands featured in these photos are a product of “Thee Wishing Well”.

    Please remove these photos immediately!

  2. ian draper

    would you be able to post a $39 3 tier cup cake stand to the UK by the end of july ?

    kind regards


  3. Cupcakeology LLC


  4. Gael Ouellette

    How do I purchase the 5 tier round cupcake stand for $59 ?

  5. Shayla G

    So, what’s the story here? Are these cupcake stands for sale, and by whom? Also, can they be disassembled for storage?

  6. Gage C


    Would you be able to have a seven tier cupcake tree done in two weeks from the order date?



  7. sherri thomas

    How can I purchase a stand?

  8. Belle Nor


    I am interested to buy the 5 tiered round stand. Can you please advise how can I purchase this item and deliver to Ireland?


  9. Marilynn Chang

    How do I order these stands?

  10. JoAnn Prohaska

    How do I go about purchasing one of these cake stands and how long does it take to receive?

  11. Brandy

    how can I purchase a stand?


    how do you order the stand,an how long do it take need before may 15

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