Cupcake Pocket Pillow – Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Cupcake Pocket Pillow – Tooth Fairy Pillow $10.00

“I am a fabulous gift for a terrific child. I can hang on the doorknob, the bedpost or the dresser pull instead of you having to search for a tiny tooth under a pillow. Or I can be carried around by my ribbon! I can even sleep right next to the child while we wait for the tooth fairy together!

I am a ‘Sew Pretty Gifts’ original. My cupcake pocket holds the tooth and the tooth fairy treasure.”

Would you like your cupcake to have stripes? No stripes? Bows? No Bows? What colors would you like your cupcake pillow to have? You tell them and they’ll design it specifically for you.

Available at Sew Pretty Gifts.

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