Harry Potter Cupcakes

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I and many others await the countdown to midnight in eager anticipation of the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  I purchased my tickets already for the special midnight showing, and I look forward to bringing my camera and catching some true fans dressed up for opening night.  In the mean time, I found some Harry Potter inspired cupcakes to pass the time.

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8 Responses to Harry Potter Cupcakes

  1. Sparxoo

    Those are adorable. It’s incredible the fan expressions are incredible and very creative.

  2. lauren

    too cute! i wish i’d brought my camera along tonight at the midnight showing! i saw an adorable kid dressed like Dumbledore, a fantastic Snape, and Tonks!!! hope u had fun at the midnight showing!

  3. Voice Cabling Company

    Ha those are cute.

  4. Sri

    Wow!! the cakes are so nice.. David Yates (director) did a superb job just magnificent to watch, may be Alfonso Cuarón would have made them ROCK. I am a great fan of Harry Potter series. My favorite still remains HP3: Prisoner of Azkaban. But Half Blood was simply outstanding on levels. I’ll be seeing it again Saturday on IMAX which will be even better as it’s one of the original IMAX screens that loom up and over the audience as opposed to newer screens that are just big.
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  5. Madonna Cramer

    Can’t wait to hear how you like the movie and see your pics. I am hoping to go next week and am going to have a pre-show get together these cupcakes are great inspiration.

  6. Kyoko Broden

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  7. Luke Mark


  8. Craigie Bloor

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