Delightful Cupcake Costumes

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Cupcake Costume

I just found your website and I am in love! My friend and I made these “cuppy-cake and stud-muffin” costumes for our schools after-prom party. At my school everyone goes all out for costumes and ours was the most original! I thought yall might enjoy the costumes and please pass the idea along to anyone! We made them out of laundry baskets covered in folded poster board, and used polyfil fibers (like pillow stuffing) for the icing! the decorative ribbon straps were stapled around the basket and we crafted the sprinkles out of colored packing peanuts and puff balls. to get the polyfill to stay in place we used clear polyurethane spray, and brown spray paint for the muffins. We had a hard time figuring out how to make the costume, but baked real cupcakes at the same time to make it more enjoyable. Although they were really cute, they are kind of a hassle to wear for a long period of time. Let me know if there are any more questions. The website is WONDERFUL and in a few weeks I will hopefully be sending a picture of my cupcake tattoo (once i get it….). Oh, and same day that we made the costumes I got a new kitten named Cupcake! <3

-Linda Marie, Arlington, TX

Thank you Linda Marie for sharing with us.  What an imaginative idea for costumes!

The Cupcake Gang

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3 Responses to Delightful Cupcake Costumes

  1. Lisa Gowins

    I love these… what a wonderful thing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing :) so fun

  2. Its the most wonderful time, of the year! « Sweet!

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  3. Layla

    I love the cupcake gang pic! But is it the same one that is above? It won’t show the one at the very top? Did the cupcake gang pic use folded poster board also for the bottom of the cupcake costume?

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