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Cupcake Entrepreneur

Although as a country we are knee deep in a recession, cupcake shops are springing up left and right.  Some theories are that we all need affordable comforts during times like these.  Another is that with many skilled people laid off, they are free to pursue their dreams, and some happen to open their own cupcake shop.

Christiana Whitley of Hattiesburg, MS is opening her shop named Cirque du Sweet Day. Her dream of opening a store started back in 2007 while enrolled in Emerson College. 

Rhonda Waller left her executive job in 2008 to start Rhonda’s Cupcakery in the Bethesda, MD area.  Her shop has been doing so well that it has attracted competition from other cupcake stores to her area.  What a good problem to have.

Finally, our friend Dave LaLiberte in Boston is looking to open his cupcake shop in the Boston area in March 2010.  He has an official job opening looking for a Creative Cupcake Baker. If you are interested in getting in touch with Dave, please contact him at:

Follow your dreams not only at night, but also during the day!

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11 Responses to Starting a Cupcake Shop

  1. Dirnov

    Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

  2. Nicole

    This is really fun. I’ve been starting to consider opening a cupcake shop. It’s lovely to hear of success stories!

  3. Liz

    It’s wonderful to hear about cupcake shops doing well. I bake cakes from home for friends and family and sometimes other people want to order.
    I always have rave reviews and have been thinking of officially going into business.
    here’s hoping!!

  4. Cassandra

    I’ve just taken the plunge and set up my own cupcake business in London, United Kingdom.
    Please do have a look at my website and let me know what you think!
    My website is:
    My background is in fine art so each cupcake not only tastes incredible but is a work of art!
    Many thanks,

  5. Danielle Finley


    We are a family owned up-and-coming Mobile Cupcakery that is about to hit the Dallas-FortWorth Texas area with a BANG!
    Our 1st big event is the CupcakeCamp of Dallas, where we will be donating 150+ cupcakes for a great cause. Please check out our website at, follow us on and become a fan on our Facebook page at Cupcakes2You.

    Thanks for your support!

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    Good thinking….

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  7. lisa

    free info on internet are every where but a real insider research on how to properly setup your cupcake bakery with secret recipes, equipments and profitable business plan for cupcake can give you real success in cupcake business visit

  8. Kelley & Shane

    It’s inspiring to hear that cupcake shops are doing well! My longtime best friend and I just opened our own online-based cupcake business called Cupcake Couture: where fashion meets frosting just 3 weeks ago in Akron, OH. Things have been really exciting this far & we hope to open a shop by the beginning of 2012. We also do petite cakes and cupcake towers and regular wedding/birthday cakes. It’s been a dream come true going after something we are really passionate about. I hope others can urn their dreams into reality, too.

  9. Alli

    Online cupcakery in the heart of Oklahoma! We deliver!

  10. Sharon

    I struggle back and forth about if i am making the right decisions on starting a cupcakey, is what i call it.
    Although i do not have a physical location as of yet i am believing for big things to happen for me that i will actually have an physical location for my business.
    I was asked repeatedly when i would open my own shop and get a website, since i have been baking cupcakes for others to enjoy since 2010. It was not until this year that i decided to take it a step further by getting a website and business cards.
    My now customer’s are close friends or referrals only.
    I believe in my heart that God wants me to step out on faith and believe that it can happen for me.
    Then the discouragement sets in when you look at the economy now there is a cupcake shop just about everywhere. Those thougts play over and over, will you be successful.
    Just venting wanted to tell someone other than the usual to get a fresh pair of ears.
    Thanks, All Things Cupcake

  11. Colleen Peck

    Love to hear of others success and passion for cupcakes. I finally have a licensed kitchen for my business where I make custom cupcakes and wedding cakes in Bluffdale, Utah. Check out my facebook business page.!/CounterfitCakes
    One of my favorite sayings is:
    “It’s never to late to be what you might have been”.

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