Seattle’s Trophy Cupcakes

By on June 24th, 2009 . Filed under: Bakeries, News, Photos .

Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake

Beautiful writeup and photos by the Seattle PI on a local cupcake shop named Trophy Cupcakes.  My Seattle friends tell me that it is worth a second look… and a third.  I am staring at the photos with a little envy.  Where were the cupcake stores when I was growing up in Seattle?

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7 Responses to Seattle’s Trophy Cupcakes

  1. Laurel

    Almost all the Seattle cupcake shops opened just after I moved away, those jerks. My sister got me some Trophy cakes for my birthday though, and I highly recommend them. The snickerdoodle cupcake was amazing!

  2. Ann

    Oh, Trophy is the best cupcake shop in town! I went to their new store on its opening day a couple of weeks ago, and it’s just as cute as the original.

    The cupcakes are much better than Cupcake Royale’s cupcakes, in my opinion – moister, more tender, and better frosting. And prettier, too!

  3. Tasha

    Oh, Trophy beats out Cupcake Royale for sure… Cupcake Royale should be punished for what they do to poor cupcakes.

  4. CakeSpy

    This place really is wonderful. It’s so worth a visit!

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  7. trophy cupcake in seattle

    […] Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes | All Things Cupcake Jun 24, 2009 … Beautiful writeup and photos by the Seattle PI on a local cupcake shop named Trophy Cupcakes. […]

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