6-Pack Baby Cupcakes with Embellishment (Boy & Girl)

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6-Pack Baby Cupcakes $35

Looking for a quick baby gift already gift wrapped? These baby cupcakes look good enough to eat! They are made of  layette pieces packaged inside a real cupcake box. Each 6-pack cupcake gift box contains: (3) onesies, (2) bibs, and (1) wash cloth. All the baby garments are cleverly decorated ……well….like cupcakes. Available in colors for girl (pink), boy (blue), and yellow (neutral). Baby Boy Layette Cupcakes are decorated with blue embellishments and gift wrapped with ribbons.

Available from claudiayazzy’s etsy shop

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  1. rkdsign88

    Very cute gift!

  2. Dennis Lweis

    Thanks, Keep up the Good work :)

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