Gourmet Gift Company Giveaway

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Gourmet Gift Company Giveaway

Gourmet Gift Company is giving away a variety pack of one of each of their cupcake mixes…Red Velvet, Champagne, Vanilla and Chocolate… to one lucky winner!

What the winner will receive…

1- variety pack of one of each of the Gourmet Gift Company‘s cupcake mixes…Red Velvet, Champagne, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Red Velvet Cupcake Mix

This mix bakes up one dozen of these festive favorites. Made with the finest ingredients including Nielsen-Massey Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and just a hint of cocoa.

Champagne Cupcake Mix

Cheers to you!  When its time to celebrate our champagne cupcakes add the perfect touch.  Your favorite champagne compliments the other fine ingredients in the scrumptious cupcakes perfectly.

Vanilla Cupcake Mix

These scrumptious vanilla cupcakes are made with the finest ingredients available, including Nielsen-Massey Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.  Our favorite easy to make frosting recipes are included. Yields one dozen cupcakes.

Chocolate Cupcake Mix

Just like mom used to make!  These moist and delicious cupcakes are always a favorite.  Our favorite easy to make frosting recipes are included.  Yields one dozen cupcakes.

To enter this giveaway please visit Gourmet Gift Company and then come back to ATC and leave a comment to this post telling us about what your favorite item that you saw on her site was.

This giveaway is open to residents of USA and Canada. A winner will be chosen via random.org on June 21st.

I would like to thank Gourmet Gift Company for creating and donating the gorgeous prize for this giveaway.

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106 Responses to Gourmet Gift Company Giveaway

  1. Jan

    I love the boxed favors. What a great idea for something out of the norm. I think the vanilla mix looks yummy!

  2. Raelena

    i like the scone mix!

  3. Candace R

    the vanilla mix would be my fave! It looks delicious. :)

  4. Jennifer Jordan

    I would love the Champagne cupcake mix…that sounds awesome!! I may have to order it!

  5. cuppy

    The chocolate cupcake mix !! YUM !!!!!!

  6. Jess H.

    i love the red velvet mix :) yummy!

  7. Melissa

    I LOVE the Wedding Favor idea… very unique.

  8. Linda

    The cinnamon streusel cake looks fantastic!I I was impressed with the “flour seeds” premise of the company and that everything is handmade with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The prices were amazing.

  9. Julie K

    the perfect cookie mix looks good to me!

  10. DeDe

    What a neat idea for party favors. The champagne sounds lovely.

  11. mystere

    MMM Champange cake mix sounds awesome!!!

  12. Amber A

    I love that there are so many different types of box mixes! Gotta love the quick and easy box mix!

  13. Lina

    The champagne cupcake mix looks intriguing. Definitely unique!

  14. two parts sugar

    I love the packaging…simple and pretty!

  15. Kiley Smith

    Definitely the Champagne Cupcake mix! I wonder what it tastes like! All of us are cupcake lovers in our home! We would LOVE to own this gift set! yum!

  16. Ashley

    The red velvet flavor sounds phenomenal!

  17. ebretzel

    Those chocolate cupcakes look delish!!

  18. Katie

    The Champagne cupcakes sound divine! Yummy!

  19. Jennifer

    Wow, I wish I had heard about this website before my husband I got married last year, the wedding favor mixes are AWESOME! I would love to try the champagne flavor.

  20. Mary Norman

    First… I love how they are packaged, that alone makes me want to purchase and in fact I am helping my friends family with her baby shower….. this will be my part. It looks so classy! Now for the flavors, hmmm champagne yummy! And the cinnamon streusel cake looks fantastic. I can’t wait to tell my friends family that we are doing this instead of those plastic trinkets they want. Thank you !

  21. Susan

    I would love to do the champagne wedding favors for my wedding next year!

  22. Leah

    The champaigne mix sounds great, but red velvet is so yummy…..hopefully I win one and can order the other! :)

  23. Nina

    All of the cupcake mixes look delicious, but I really like the perfect cookie mix. That looks really appealing and so does the pound cake mix. =]

  24. Sara

    I like the champagne cupcake mix as a party favor!

  25. RockerJewlz

    I liked the wedding favors.

  26. Candace

    Wow. What a selection. I love how everything has gourmet ingredients. I would LOVE the champagne cupcakes. How clever. I might even try to whip me up a batch as a baking experiment!!!

  27. Tara

    I think the personalized boxes are gorgeous. I think the champagne cupcake mix would be perfect to serve & give as favors for a girls night party. I am going to have to try this one for sure.

  28. Bridget

    I like the sugar cookie mix. I wish I could just reach into the computer and eat them snowflake cookies!!

  29. Cidalia

    The perfect cookie mix looks DIVINE!

  30. Tristine

    I like the wedding favors. So pretty and perfect. Wish I could have seen those years ago!

  31. Gina Florencia

    Hi, Love the wedding labels!!!All of them really simple and ellegant!! Love to try that champagne mix…TFS…Gina F

  32. Shelby Shim

    I love the personalized gift mixes! especially of the champagne cupcake mix. sounds phenomenal!

  33. Erica

    The chocolate brownie cupcake mix as a bridal shower favor would be a huge hit at my sister’s upcoming wedding!

  34. Bree

    The baby shower favors are so cute!

  35. Cyndi C

    What an adorable website. The cupcakes are my favorite with the Cinnamon Streusel cake mix would come in second.

  36. Alexis

    I’d love to have the red velvet mix. Yum.

  37. JC

    I would love to try the champagne cupcake mix!

    itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

  38. Laci

    I love that they share some of the icing recipes! I also love the boxed favors. What a great idea!

  39. AmandaDB

    The Red Velvet Cupcakes looked AWESOME!

  40. Lael

    The baby shower favors are such a cute idea!! Love it!!


  41. Tanya

    Love the favor idea! So great. I would love to try the champagne cupcakes.

  42. Cupcake Retro

    Red velvet!

  43. Sara

    What’s not to like!!! Everything looks fab. But I would have to say the champagne cupcakes look awesome. What great ideas for favors.

  44. Dawn

    I love the concept of mixes for favors and the labels are very pretty.

    I also like the cobbler mix…a quick treat when you need one.

  45. Jillian

    Mmmm red velvet cupcakes. Thats all I really have to say. They sound delicious.

  46. Melissa S

    I would love to try the champagne cupcake … how elegant!

  47. CakeBelieve

    I LOVE the wedding favor ~ perfect mix! Too adorable for words!

  48. Kristen

    I’m torn between the Champagne Cupcake mix and the Cinnamon Streusel Cake mix!

  49. Megan

    I loved the personalized mixes. Great idea for my upcoming wedding!!! Or my friend’s baby shower- absolutely perfect!

  50. Sarah

    I’m intrigued by the champagne cupcake mix, and I love all of the boxes the mixes are packaged in.

  51. Sara

    ah, such lovely mixes and icings

  52. nik

    pound cake mix…because you can dress it up in ganache, sprinkle with liqueurs, or just eat it plain and it will always be yummy!

  53. Anita T.

    I love the packaging! I especially love the wedding favors! What a GREAT idea! Thanks for this giveaway!

  54. Lindsey

    The red velvet mix for sure!!

  55. Kara L.

    I’ve never had a champagne cupcake! That would be a great flavor to try!! Yummy!!

  56. Heather E

    love the wedding favor cupcake mixes…especially in champagne! how perfect!

  57. Kerry H.

    I love the mixes being used as wedding favors…clever idea!

  58. Amanda D.

    I am a chocolate lover and would go with the chocolate flavor any day of the week! I would LOVE to win this yummy giveaway. macd82@gmail.com

  59. Caroline

    champagne cupcake mix! i’ve been wanting to make mimosa cupcakes. i bet this could work.

  60. Andrea

    I think the pound cake mix is great, but everything is adorable. Very creative!

  61. Kaoru

    Champagne cupcake or the classic Red Velvet!

  62. Naike Ramirez

    you know I really like the bridal shower/wedding ideas you guys have! I recently got engaged and I am looking for creartive ideas like these! :)

  63. Katarina

    Cinnamon Strussel Cake Mix =) Yum.

  64. mmdorsey2000

    I love that they have Champagne mix. I have tried many times to make them from scratch and never seem to be able to get just the right Champagne flavor! I always get too much, or too little.

  65. Dana

    i like that you can order them for bridal shower or wedding favors. I would order for me the red velvet-i love red velvet.

  66. christina

    I love the idea of shipping cupcake mix to someone to help celebrate because cupcakes don’t ship so well!

  67. jen

    Red Velvet for sure! Yum!

  68. jessica

    Personalizing the labels is a great idea & the samples look great. All the mixes sound delicious – it is a tie between Champagne or Red Velvet for me!

  69. L Kelly

    The Champagne Cupcake Mix sounds divine. Mmmm….

  70. Suzie Sheedy

    I loved the wedding favors. What a fab idea!

  71. Nicole

    I love the party favors! The packaging and concept are adorable and classy!

  72. Katy

    I think the cinnamon streusal cake looked amazzzzzzziiinnnggg!!!

  73. Jennifer

    Oh geez. The red velvet looks amazing!!!

  74. jane

    I love the red velvet cupcake mix the best.

  75. Jill

    I like the stylish way the package their mixes. The label options are classic.

  76. amy

    Love, love, love the party favor boxes. Would love to try the red velvet cupcakes =)

  77. geminigirl

    yum@ the red velvet cupcake mix looks amazing….. sign me up for that one!

  78. Maura

    The cake mixes as party favors is a great idea. I even like the idea of selling the mixes for a fund raiser, the company should look into that…

  79. Candice

    The Champagne cupcake sounds yummy! And the Awaiting Our New Little Cupcake box is way too cute!

  80. Missy

    What a great idea for gifts at a party. Serve the cupcakes & then send everyone home with the mix to make their own.

  81. Heidi_N

    I LOVE the Champagne Cupcake mix and the Cinnamon Streusel Cake mix! Perfect favors for my bridal shower, cannot wait to tell the bridesmaids!

  82. Donna B

    loving the simple, clean packaging–and would LOVE to try the red velvet-yummy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. amber monson

    I would love to just eat up the Chocolate Brownie cupcake mix….YUMMY!!

  84. amber monson

    I think the Chocolate Brownie Mix would be Amazing to eat up…YUMMY

  85. gabby c

    WOW i love the favors, but specially the baby shower favors, such a good idea. they look so beautiful, and i think the cupcake chocolate mix sound just delicious.

  86. Rachel C.

    I’ve never heard of champagne cake! I’d love to try it!

  87. Emily

    My favorite was the red velvet mix..yum!!!! <3

  88. Christi

    I love the party favor idea… and the red velvet mix sounds delightful!

  89. Jen

    I can’t wait to try Champagne Cupcake Mix. It will do well at my birthday party! I could also use some cobbler mix. :)

  90. sharon grosman

    ooh la la, the champagne cake mix and the red velvet mix. It’s a toss up! Thanks for introducing the website…i’m ready to order.

  91. Melissa

    I would love to try the red velvet cupcake mix!

  92. cori

    that champagne mix is intriguing!

  93. Alex

    Love the personalize anouncements and the red velvet mix. yummy

  94. Nicole

    Wow! I happened to find you today and glad I did! I really like your blog and look forward to following!

    Visiting the Gourmet Gift Company’s site was a pleasure – thanks for sharing!

    All the products look wonderful, but the party favors are fantastic! I am always looking for unique favors and they definitely fit the bill!

    Thank You for the giveaway!

  95. Hollie

    I would love to try the Perfect Cookie Mix. I love my cookies!!!!!

  96. Savannah Q.

    Champagne cupcakes!! been meaning to make some soon!!!

  97. Erika

    I love the personalize announcements and I’m torn between the Vanilla mix and the Red Velvet mix (both look amazing).

  98. Kari

    I love the wedding and party favor ideas!

  99. Deborah Megumi Strauss

    I loved all of the cupcake and baking mix flavurs. Their custom labels on the boxes were great and a unique way to promote your business. I also loved the wedding favours!

  100. Deborah Megumi Strauss

    I love the Red Velvet, but love all the cupcake mixes. The custom design work/wedding favours are great also! These designs are great for beginners in the cupcake biz!

  101. Melissa Taylor

    The red velvet looks delish!

  102. Arden

    The vanilla cupcakes sound great!

  103. Michelle

    I love the Boxed birth announcements! Very pretty and a nice change from cigars and chocolate bars LoL!!

  104. Sara

    WOW! I love the sugar cookie mix! You just can’t beat a good sugar cookie.

    Very beautiful items!!

  105. Trisha G.

    I would love to try the champagne cupcake mix. Sounds wonderful!

  106. Alice Kinston

    I found your blog website on google and test a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the very good operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Searching for ahead to studying extra from you later on!…

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