Celebrity at Cupcake Store Sightings

By on June 10th, 2009 . Filed under: Celebrities, Television .

Owen Wilson Cupcake

Actor Owen Wilson was spotted eating a cupcake in Georgetown Maryland.  It is reported he stopped by Georgetown Cupcake for a red velvet and white chocolate cupcake.

Gossip Girl Cupcake

Actress Amanda Setton for the show Gossip Girl is shown posing with cupcakes in front of the Cupcake Stop truck in NYC.   We wrote about the Cupcake Stop truck earlier as it is a mobile cupcake shop roving NYC streets for hungry cupcake fans.

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2 Responses to Celebrity at Cupcake Store Sightings

  1. Dessert Lover

    Wow, that is so cool. I once stumbled upon the filming of Gossip Girl at The Palace in Manhattan…but stumbling upon the cupcake stop truck would definitely be equally as exciting!!

  2. Christina Viering

    Everyone loves cupcakes!

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