Cupcake Play Food or Pin Cushion with Cupcake Pins Giveaway

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Stayhomecupcake is giving away a Cupcake Play Food or Pin Cushion with Cupcake Pins to one lucky winner! It’s her birthday today (it really is!) and she is celebrating by giving a present to one of you.

What the winner will receive…

1- Cupcake Play Food or Pin Cushion with Cupcake Pins

This yummy little pink and brown crocheted cupcake will hold all your pins but may make you hungry at the same time! It is made with acrylic yarn and measures 3″ high and 3 1/2″ wide. It comes with 6 (size 24-1/2) nickel-plated steel long pearlized pins (the sprinkles) and 2 polymer clay cupcake pins. It is filled with fiberfill. The pink icing is actually a little lighter than the photos show.

This can also be used as a toy cupcake. If you would like this as a play cupcake for your little one, I’d be happy to send it without the pins.

To enter this giveaway please visit Stayhomecupcake and then come back to ATC and leave a comment to this post telling us about what your favorite item that you saw on her site was.

This giveaway is open to residents of USA and Canada. A winner will be chosen via on Tuesday June 9th.

I would like to thank Stayhomecupcake for creating and donating the gorgeous prize for this giveaway…and Happy Birthday!!! :)

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41 Responses to Cupcake Play Food or Pin Cushion with Cupcake Pins Giveaway

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  2. Denise

    Cupcake Play Food or Pin Cushion with Cupcake Pins

  3. JC

    I think the Crochet Dessert Set for Kids is so cute! My daughter would love it.

  4. Carley

    I love the kitchen towels and the soaps…. Cute. The scarf is neat as well

  5. jozen

    the cupcake purse! it’s adorable… my daughter would LOVE that!

  6. Hunter

    My favorite things are the key chains. So cute:)

  7. Melanie

    I can only pick one? Cause I like the cupcake purse (with the blue base & white top). Or the cupcake soaps next to it if I get 2 choices. & honestly I’m thinking of just making my favorite choices be in my possession!

  8. Shannon

    I think the cupcake scarf is just too cute!

  9. Jennifer

    I LOVE the kitchen towels!

  10. Corinne

    Everything is so cute! My 2 year old is very much into her kitchen and play food so my fave would have to be the cupcake play food.

  11. Crystal

    The pink and brown cupcake purse. Adorable!

  12. Kellie

    Playfood or Pincushion with cupcake pins

  13. Kellie

    I like the playfood or Pincushion with cupcake pins

  14. Sara

    I love the 2 Cupcake Kitchen Towels!

  15. Suzie

    Oh, everything is so cute. What creative ideas. I think my favorite is the cupcake pin cushion with the green frosting. I love the “sprinkles” and the cupcake pins too. Very creative!

  16. two parts sugar

    My daughter would totally rock the pearl cupcake bracelet!

  17. Dawn

    Cute Stuff!
    I will have to say my favorite is the purple cupcake keychain. Two of my favorite things, in one.

    The Dessert set ran a close second…my daughter would love that.

  18. Kathryn

    OMG, EVERYTHING is sooo cute! It’s hard to pick just one thing….well, if I must pick one favorite it would have to be all of the cute play food! I especially love the mini ones! Thanks for sharing all of your goodies!

  19. nancy

    Loved the children’s scarf. Would look adorable on my goddaughter!

  20. suzy

    I love the crocheted play food!

  21. Ashley

    I love the cupcake soaps!

    PS June 9th is on a Tuesday ;)

  22. Missy

    I am really liking the kitchen towels. Very cute!

  23. sara

    Ah any crochet food…
    the dessert is adorable :)

  24. Katie

    The play food is adorable!

  25. RockerJewlz

    Oh my gosh, the blue & white cupcake purse with pink sprinkles!

  26. Erin

    The cupcake purse is super cute!

  27. spring chicken

    The purple cupcake keychain would be a wonderful surprise for my preteen daughter. She just got her first household key !!

  28. Megan

    The cupcake hand-towels are so cute and would look adoreable in my future pink kitchen!!!

  29. Luanne

    Sorry if this shows twice, I am not sure what happened! I like the 2 cupcake kitchen towels & I love the givewawy pincushion, so cute. Thanks for offering

  30. mystere

    i love the cupcake purse!!

  31. Melissa

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen towels!!!!! Going back to order a set now…

  32. Jennifer Wilmoth

    My favorite thing is the toilet paper cozy. Best way to hide toilet paper I have ever seen!

  33. Cake Believe

    I really like the pin cushion, but the keychain is a close second….Happy Birthday Stayhomecupcake!

  34. Kari

    I like all of her stuff!! But my favorites would have to be the cupcake charms, the soaps, and the cupcake hat!!

  35. Savannah Q.

    I love the cupcake keychain, so cute!

  36. Jessica Morgan

    I like the Children’s Cupcake Bracelet the best. I’m thinking of ordering it for a friend’s daughter if I make enough selling bows this month.

  37. Molly

    I love the crocheted play food and the cupcake pincushion. Everything is so cute, but those are my favorites! :) Happy belated bithday!

  38. Sarah

    The cupcake dessert set is my favorite. If I had a child it would probably be less weird for me to like it…but I have no shame. And I would play with it, too.

  39. GreenEyedLillies

    Congrats to comment #17
    June 4th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Cute Stuff!
    I will have to say my favorite is the purple cupcake keychain. Two of my favorite things, in one.

    The Dessert set ran a close second…my daughter would love that.” chose your comment number!

    I will be emailing you shortly!

  40. Tristine

    Dawn- please go to and click “contact stayhomecupcake” and send me your address so I can mail you your free pin cushion. Thanks!

  41. Rick

    have you tried auto blogging?

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