Cake Shop + Asheville + Strawberries = True Love.

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Cake Shop + Asheville + Strawberries = True Love.

May has been a very busy month here at 225 Haywood!  The word continues to spread, thanks to all of you, about our cakes and cupcakes.  We are busier every day, and have enjoyed creating beautiful and tasty cakes for all your spring celebrations!  Graduations, birthdays, and weddings have made up the bulk of our work this month; friends and neighbors stopping by for cupcakes, coffee, and conversation has made the work more fun and the space bustle with energy.
We are psyched that the first bounty of the season has come in: Local Strawberries!  All the Strawberry Short Street cakes for the next several weeks will be made with fresh, local strawberries, and we are so looking forward to this summer’s harvest of local blueberries, wineberries, raspberries, peaches, and apples.  Look for specials and new creations based on seasonal availability.  We also continue to create new menu items based on your requests, like the Marble Ganache Cake, the Mint Julep Cake, and the soon-to-be-revealed Orange Creamcicle Cake!

Please visit Short Street Cakes for more information.

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