DIY Cupcake Boxes

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Cupcake Boxes

With Mother’s day around the corner, here is an excellent DIY suggestion from Theresa Wong at  As delectable as these cupcake boxes may seem, they are in fact not edible.  They are merely paper mache containers for little treasures hidden inside of them!

All of the materials (ingredients) needed can be found at your local crafts store.  Click here for step by step DIY instructions.

As with any other english speaking country, the english language may be the same, but the terminology may be different.  Below are some terms that I had to scratch my head a little to figure out:

Foam fruit net = foam net that protects fruit

Paper cake cases = paper cupcake liners

Patty tin = muffin tin

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  1. Joelle Dolce Bebe

    Those are too sweet!
    Thanks for sharing! XOXO

  2. YSLGuy

    Those are adorable!

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