Supermarket Cupcakes

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Supermarket Cupcakes

One of our ATC readers wrote us recently.  She has renewed my faith in attractive cupcakes found in supermarkets.  Meghan writes:

I love your website, very cute, but you must hear that a lot! anywho, I work at Publix Bakery (its like floridas biggest super market) anyways, I’m starting to become a decorator there and I thought you might like these cupcakes that I made for the website.

We love your cupcake designs Meghan.  Keep on improving!

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6 Responses to Supermarket Cupcakes

  1. Jennifer Wilmoth

    wow, I have never seen grocery store cupcakes that cute! Awesome job!

  2. Melissa

    I would love to know which Publix these are at!

  3. YSLGuy

    I love and miss Publix so much. It really is one of the best grocery stores, and I must say that their cakes and cupcakes CAN NOT BE BEAT!! They are better than some I’ve had from bakeries of trained pastry chefs

  4. Meghan

    thank you!!

    and they’re at the publix in Jacksonville, FL :D

  5. mary

    that’s not design.

  6. Justine Quattlebaum

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