What do Cupcakes and Cell Phones have in common?

By on April 30th, 2009 . Filed under: Electronics, News .

Not much until Google arrived on the scene by making an operating system (think Windows Vista) for mobile phones.  They have named their operating system “Android” and the latest release of the software “Cupcake”.

Here is a snapshot of “Cupcake” in action.  Where is the frosting?

Google Android Cupcake

This is ATC’s version of the Google Android “Cupcake”.

Cupcake Android
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4 Responses to What do Cupcakes and Cell Phones have in common?

  1. Jane

    I want that cupcake!

  2. Maliek M.

    The frosting comes in all the new features this phone brings to the Android platform!

  3. Chelly

    No way ! Does anyone know when they’re releasing this ? I have a G1 and this looks fantabulous. :) OH, and that cupcake looks adorable !

  4. Pat

    cupcake, i don’t quite see how this come into play, a cupcake is a small version of a cake……so whats a cake????

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