Felt Plush Cupcake

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Felt Plush Cupcake $25

This cute little chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting & sprinkles looks so delicious and would be a great treat for your bestest sweet…heart! WHAT IS IT?
Cupcakes are yummy, but this one won’t get hard, or stale, or moldy. Use it as a pin cushion, table centerpiece, or paper weight. WHAT’S IT MADE OF?
It is made of 100% wool by a process called needle-felting. Needle-felting is a process of matting and compressing the wool into felt by stabbing a barbed needle into the fibers over and over again. It also has some small beads sew into the top, just like sprinkles, and is glued to a real cupcake paper. HOW BIG IS IT? t is just about the size of a real cupcake. It’s about 3″ in diameter by 3 1/2″ tall.

Available from Felted Chicken’s Etsy Page

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2 Responses to Felt Plush Cupcake

  1. Felted Chicken

    Thanx for featuring my Felted Cupcake!! I have also made brand new ones… Chocolate Insanity Cupcake, Birthday Cupcake with a Red Balloon, & a Red Velvet Cupcake!!

    Cupcakes will one day RULE THE WORLD!!!

  2. Diana L


    I absolutely love the design of this cupcake!! Is there any way to have one made but larger? Please email me if it is possible. I would also ike to add a cute face on it.


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