Anna’s Cupcake Tattoo

By on April 29th, 2009 . Filed under: Tattoos .


We received this photo and email from ATC Reader Anna…

Thought getting a cupcake tattooed on my foot was insane until my artist (His name was Jordan at Area 51 in Colorado Springs) drew it out free hand for me, now I know it’s meant to be, with one star for each special person in my life! It is now my favorite!!!

Everyones tattoos look awesome!

Thank you for sharing your tattoo with us Anna! It looks awesome!

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4 Responses to Anna’s Cupcake Tattoo

  1. Chelsea

    That is a sick tat! I love the design :D The stars add a special touch

  2. krystal

    how much was it? i’m thinking of going to area 51 for my next tattoo

  3. victoria

    that is retarted why would you do that i don’t really don’t get it it looks stupid

  4. yolanda

    that shit look bangin im thinking of getting mines like that too.

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