Kristina’s Cupcake Tattoos

By on April 28th, 2009 . Filed under: Tattoos .


We received this photo and email from ATC Reader Kristina…

hi there,
i love looking at your blog, and i am a baker in hawaii. i wanted to share my cupcake tattoos! they were done by amy wagner at tattoolicious in honolulu, HI. the picture was taken right after she did them, so that’s why they look red and swollen.

Thank you Kristina for sharing your tattoos with us! They look awesome!

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2 Responses to Kristina’s Cupcake Tattoos

  1. James Torres

    My husband got me addicted to reading these blogs posted everywhere. Showing me ways to find them and it has been so rewarding for me. I have learned so much. Thank you for yours as well.

  2. Griz Fuzca

    me encantan los cupcackes! amo todo lo relacionado con ellos

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