Cupcake Necklace Giveaway

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Cupcake Necklace Giveaway

One very lucky ATC Reader will receive this gorgeous cupcake necklace made by Lisa Leonard Designs. It’s a 1/2″ sterling disc on sterling chain with a cream freshwater pearl.

To enter this giveaway please visit Lisa Leonard Designs and then come back to ATC and leave a comment to this post telling us about your favorite piece of your jewelry that you see on her site. It’s that easy!

Winner will be chosen by on April 25th, 2009. This giveaway is open to everyone in the US and Canada. One entry post per person please!

Good luck Cupcakes!

I would like to thank Lisa Leonard Designs for creating and donating this gorgeous prize to this giveaway.


We have a winner! Random.Org chose comment #34…
jennifer b
April 21st, 2009 at 8:11 am Moderate

I like the sterling silver ring, with names. My husband is always trying to talk me into tattooing his name on my finger. That would be the best of both worlds!

Congrats to Jennifer B! I will be contacting you soon.

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113 Responses to Cupcake Necklace Giveaway

  1. Jonell Williams

    I love the lots of love necklace. It reminds me of the lots of love my daughter gets. She was not supposed to be here with us so she always gets lots of love.

  2. Rebecca

    The cream freshwater pearl earrings are just gorgeous and definitely my style. All the designs of the necklaces and bracelets are very pretty also but the earrings are by far my favorite. The sweet & simple birdie necklace is a favorite also.

  3. Tara

    I love the jumble of charms necklace…it’s a fun way to wear special names and dates. Perfect Mother’s Day gift for me!

  4. Andi Kem

    What great designs! So hard to pick just one favorite. I love the “Mama” necklace.

  5. Kari

    Wow she has so many pretty designs, but my most favorite is the Mama Necklace! I love it!

  6. Erin

    The Little Feet Necklace is super cute! What a perfect piece for Mother’s Day!

  7. Leah

    LOVE, LOOOOVE the mama necklace. I think I’ll be ordering that for my mom for mother’s day!

  8. Michele P.

    I love the my heart necklace, very pretty! So many beautiful designs-it was hard to choose just ONE favorite!

  9. Julie A.

    I’m in love with the heart necklace!

  10. Nina

    I absolutely LOVEEEEE the key to my heart necklace!
    It’s so pretty!

  11. Mona

    I love the “bloom” necklace, but I have a thing for dandelions! Cute!

    Cupcake necklace is also adorable- I have a thing for those too!

  12. Sarah (aka CountrySLChic)

    My favorite is the Forever necklace. I love the idea of having the name of the one you love so close to your own heart!

  13. Megan

    I love the birdie necklace, it’s so cute. Also the cream pearl earrings, what a steal!

  14. cassie o

    the *be still* necklace for sure

    so simple, but a much needed reminder at times

  15. Rachael Kelly

    I love the mommy necklace b/c I wouldn’t be anything without my kids!!! They are my life!

  16. Ms.Cherryspoon

    Oh the be still necklace is beautiful!

  17. BeeJay

    I love the “Key to my heart” necklace. I’ve always had a fascination with vintage keys since I was young and I collected them for awhile! Very cute. I’m also thinking about buying the sterling ring for my boyfriend so I can customize it!

  18. Athina

    I love the sweet and simple birdie necklace – it’s so cute!!!

  19. Donna

    They are all beautiful!! I will order one for sure- I love the cupcake one and the mama one and the family tree and…..

  20. Kelcey

    I love the “sweet and simple birdie” necklace! It is so elegantly simple. I also like the “my heart” necklace bcause it reminds me of my favorite poem by e.e. cummings. All of the jewelery on the site is beautiful and I would be happy to own any piece.

  21. Darla

    right now i am reeling from losing my own mother two weeks ago, so the necklace for moms is so relevant. we called her grandee. it would be so cool to wear a family necklace by this beautiful artist.

  22. Jayme Smith

    My favorite is the Men’s leather bracelet because its exactly what my husband is.. courageous. My husband works offshore and is gone for 2-3 months at a time. He has missed almost ever FIRST of our son’s. It takes a really courageous and dedicated man to do that. I could never miss anything since Joshua was born. Before I write a book here.. I love it.. our anniversary is coming up and it would be a perfect gift for him.

  23. Lauren

    I have to have the my heart necklace. What beautiful, simple designs!

  24. Tory

    Hi! Wow, I came across your blog today while looking for cupcake designs, and must I say…I’m hooked :) And, as an added bonus this giveaway? *Sweet* deal (get it..cupcakes..sweet..hehe)!

    I am fixated on anything leather, so obviously the gorgeous leather cuff or wide leather cuff would be nice :) It would actually be a present for him.

    Thanks again!

  25. Lora

    I love the double heart cuff , it’s stunning .

  26. Ariela

    I love the sweet & simple birdie necklace! It is adorable!

  27. meagan jones

    I really loved the petite original necklace! It is simple and elegant. I think it would make a perfect gift for my niece’s sweet sixteen. All the pieces were beautiful.

  28. Kira Adams

    I really like the “sweet & simple birdie” necklace and the “my heart” necklace.

  29. leslie

    The tiny squares is my favorite – perfect for the initials of two beautiful China girls who are growing up way too fast for this mommy…

  30. Krista

    The ‘mama’ necklace is soo cute!!

  31. tracy trixiedoll

    I am in love with the “lovebird necklace” It’s beautiful.

  32. Sarah

    Like several others, I like the “simple and sweet birdie necklace.” Truth in advertising–it IS both simple and sweet!

  33. Jennifer

    I think the Sea Star necklace is my favorite. Such a beautiful and dainty line of jewelry!

  34. jennifer b

    I like the sterling silver ring, with names. My husband is always trying to talk me into tattooing his name on my finger. That would be the best of both worlds!

  35. micki d.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! I would love to also have the “mama necklace”. That’s what my daughter calls me! The sentiment behind the necklace is charming and heartfelt!

  36. Shannon

    I love the “be still” necklace and the custom keychains! Those look like great Mother’s day presents!

  37. DeDe

    The link charm bracelet is cute, it reminds me of the friendship pins we used to make in junior high with safety pins.

  38. Kendahl

    I love the wish necklace. SO cute!

  39. deede

    I love the large links bracelet–it’s showing with my initials-DM!
    But I’d also love to win this necklace. I bake as a hobby and “Cupcake” is my nickname–how cool would that be!
    Thanks so much!

  40. Kerri

    I love the leather cuff-the word “courage” strikes such a chord in my heart. This will be a great gift for my bff, who is a breast cancer survivor!!!

  41. candace

    I love the birdie necklace. However, they are all so gorgeous! I love the fact the it’s a little piece of art you can wear! :)

  42. Cortney

    I would love to have all of them, but I really like the sister one.

  43. tina

    I LOVE her stuff! This is a great giveaway! I am a fan of the teenie tiny initials necklace.

  44. Suzy

    I love LOVE Lisa Leonard’s stuff! I have her sterling silver band with my daughter’s name on it! :)

  45. Julie

    I love her open circle necklace! Actually all of them are stunning!

  46. Siouxsie

    I love the starry hearts necklace. It’s so me

  47. Michelle

    I love ‘raw’ designs like this. So many to choose from! My favourite is the Sweet & Simple Birdie necklace. My nickname is Birdie. Thank you for offer of a contest. We appreciate your kindness!

  48. Melanie P.

    I absolutely adore the “Family Tree” necklace, especially since I now have two sweet little boys of my own. It was hard to choose a favorite as they are all delightful!

  49. Joi Escobar

    I love the be still necklace and the sweet and simple birdie necklace. I love anything with cute birds and blooms!

  50. Meghan

    I love the all the necklaces. The look of the metal and the wording it just seems so classic.. But I love the ” I hold your heart in mine” necklace I’m a sucker for romance.

  51. Ambjer

    What beautiful pieces!
    My favorite necklace is the “Be Still” necklace. So simple and chic!

  52. Lisa H.

    Simply beautiful! All of these pieces would make excellent everyday bling! I’ve been on a monogram kick lately, so I really liked Lisa’s unique version of this style & I want all of the bracelets!

  53. Sonia D.

    long time reader…first time to comment!

    My favorite would have to be the Cherish necklace.
    I love love love the simplicity of it. Plus the diamond is my Birth Stone!

  54. katrina

    I like the cupcake one you are giving away… and the ‘dewdrops’ one. They are all very pretty.

  55. michelle

    I LOVE the true love hearts necklace. now to find true love….

  56. Gina B.

    I am in love with the Lovebird bracelet!

  57. Desiree Snodgrass

    I love the lovebird cuff. I think it is so sweet and simple! Especially with the lovebird necklace….

  58. Katarina

    Cherish and Cupcake necklaces are sweeeeeeet. Thanks for sharing the love ladies =)

  59. Michelle Cho


    My favorite is the Starry Hearts necklace. A simple designed heart, turned into an elegant necklace! VERY GORGEOUS!

  60. Cathy

    I love the sweet & simple birdie necklace it remindes me of the wire work design i entered for a contest als well as the love bird cuff. Also because my grandma calls my little sister pajarito which means little bird. :)

  61. Tiffany Rosson

    I love the thin sterling cuff. It would be so cute with my daughter’s names on it…or even better, with all the grandkids names on it for Gran Gran for Mother’s Day.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  62. Lisa Anderson

    I love, love love the My heart necklace. My b-day is coming up and hopefully the hubs will be me that one.



  63. Lisa Smiley

    Oh my goodness! I love her work! I love the “be still” necklace, but could take so many from the site! Hmm, mother’s day is coming…

    I love the one she and you sweet cupcakes are giving away, too! I would love to get it. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  64. holly

    My favorite is the family tree necklace. My sister and her husband just adopted after years of waiting and they will bring him home on Friday. That one made me smile and think of them!

  65. Angela

    I would have to say after looking over all the beautiful pieces my favorite is the Be Still Necklace. If it’s anything I’ve learned in the past months it’s stillness. It provides clarity and self awareness :)

  66. RockerJewlz

    Jumble of charms bracelet

  67. Kelly Mercer

    I like the dewdrops necklace. The combination of the charm, pearl and silver is just stunning. Too cute!

  68. Cassandra

    Sweet and simple birdie necklace

  69. GreenEyedLillies

    I am so glad that you all love her work as much as I do. :)

    I am moving the entries that were posted in the wrong comments to here in a moment.

  70. Nicole

    wow…I <3 this one.. I really love nature inspired jewelry! She does a nice job. :)

    (Entry was moved from tattoo post comments)

  71. mmdorsey2000

    Love it! Love it! Love it! It is very inspiring, and perfect timing as Mother’s Day is coming up. I have four children and absolutely love the family tree necklace! I will be ordering something soon, I am sure….

    (Entry was moved from tattoo post comments)

  72. jocelyn

    i love the lovebird cuff! so cute!

  73. Chelsea

    They are all so beautiful. I love the lovebird necklace personally. Also the mama necklace is something I would LOVE to buy for my mummy :)

  74. MommaKiss

    I LOVE the mama necklace. She’s got great stuff!!

  75. Crystal

    The lovebird cuff is adorable. The little birdie is so cute!

  76. Leanne

    I love the Courage leather cuff bracelet. I think it’s a piece that means something to everyone who would wear it.

  77. Darcy

    There are so many pieces that I adore that it’s hard to decide! However, I do think that the Family Tree necklace is probably my favorite. I say this because what an awesome way to keep my family close to my heart! And being from Nebraska, trees are also few and far between, so an extra one is always welcome!

  78. Jennifer

    I love the little feet necklace! I am a new mom and I think it would be the perfect mother’s day gift. I guess I will to give the hubby a little hint ;-)

  79. kathe

    I love the Lovebird bracelet! I have two cockatiels, and I love flamingos.Its perfect for me.

  80. Mandi

    I LOVE the “wishing star” necklace! Im actually going to save for it! I also adore the baby spoons you can personalize as well…..I bookmarked them for upcoming baby gifts! Wonderful gift and a perfect price!

  81. Angelica Z.

    I love “lots of love necklace” it has a cute unique look with the freshwater pearl. :)

  82. Sara

    I really liked the “open heart bracelet.”

  83. Katie

    The “lovebird” necklace was my absolute favourite! Very cute stuff!

  84. Jackie

    I am in love with the sea star necklace. Although, it was a very tough choice with her collection. Everything is so elegant and modern, but also with a “homemade” look. Thanks for posting the site, I will definitely be ordering from her! I also hope she puts the cupcake necklace up for sale!

  85. Amanda

    I really love the large initial charm bracelet. It is so different from any other charm bracelets with the initial charm. It looks a little vintagey which is totally my style. So cute!

  86. Laura S

    All of items are wonderful, I love how you can personalize them. But the mama necklace and the little feet necklace are just simply adorable.

  87. Caroline

    This necklace is so sweet and delicate! Boy it is so hard to choose just one favorite item. I love the freshwater pearl earrings, the sterling ring, and the family tree necklace. But most of all I love this cupcake necklace!

  88. Sarah

    What gorgeous jewelry! My favorite necklace was the “sweet and simple birdie” one. It reminds me of springtime and the innocent freedom of youth. How nice to find handmade goods in this mass-produced world!

  89. Valerie

    I loved everything on her site! It was all gorgeous. :D But the sea star necklace has to be my favorite. It reminds me of all the times I went to the beach as a kid with my family.

  90. Jodi

    I love the “my heart necklace”. Even though it says for mom I would wear it for my sister. She passed away from SIDS and the saying ” i hold your heart in mine” means the world to me.

  91. Screamin' Mama

    I loved the open circle bracelet. Her stuff is very modern and I love that it’s sentimental.

  92. kelly

    All so cute…mamma one is my fav

  93. Addie Marie

    I just stumbled upon this site, and I love it!

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the Sweet & Simple Birdie necklace (here:

  94. Nicole

    I love the jumble of charms necklace what fun!!

  95. Sue

    It’s hard to choose, but I am partial to the “mama” necklace!

  96. Kate

    love the large initial charm bracelet!! i love charm bracelets!! so this would be my choice!!

  97. Nicki

    my heart necklace would be perfect for my mom!!!

  98. melly

    that family tree necklace is so awesome!!!

  99. Michelle

    would love to win this! please put my name in! love love love the large initial charm bracelet!!!!

  100. katelin

    mmm cupcakes are soooo yummy!! please enter me!! i love the sweet and simple birdie.

  101. erica

    the little feet necklace is so adorable! i love it!

  102. mikelle anderson

    “i wear your heart in mine” is my favorite. I will marry my bestfriend on may 9 and this is how i feel about him.He has had 3 heart attacks and every day is a gift with him.

  103. Laurie

    After looking over all the designs, my favorite is the cupcake necklace in the giveaway. Very cute!

  104. Laura

    my favorite Lisa piece is the Cherish necklace.
    Love it!

  105. Christine

    other than the cupcake necklace : )
    i love the “lots of love necklace”
    everything is so cute & pretty!

  106. Sara

    The Key To My Heart Necklace is my favorite. I am newly married and I would just love to wear that for my husband!!!!

  107. Beth Brown

    My absolute favorite is the family tree necklace but I loved the jumble of charms necklace on the first page, too.


  108. Dawn C.

    It’s hard to narrow it down (I just love silver jewelry), but I especially love the hugs and kisses necklace. I’m definitely going back to her site and take another look around! Beautiful stuff.

  109. Amanda Leigh

    I love the “my heart” necklace that says “I hold your hands in mine”. It is such a sweet piece of jewelry and I wouldn’t ever take it off.

  110. Cupcake Retro

    All of the bracelets are nice.

  111. GreenEyedLillies

    We have a winner!
    Comment #34…
    # jennifer b
    April 21st, 2009 at 8:11 am Moderate

    I like the sterling silver ring, with names. My husband is always trying to talk me into tattooing his name on my finger. That would be the best of both worlds!

    Congrats to Jennifer B! I will be contacting you soon.

  112. Valerie

    Your Jewelry is beautiful…I love the simple yet elegant style. I have to say..the heart shaped bowls are my favorite…they would look adorable on a coffee table…and make a great gift! Thanks for connecting us to your site!

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