Amy’s Cupcake Tattoo

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ATC Reader Amy sent us this photo and email…

My name is Amy, and I just got this beauty on Saturday! It was sooo painful, yet VERY worth it! This pic was taken about an hour after it was finished, with fresh ointment. That’s why it’s so shiny! Just wanted to share :)

Chris Black at Electric Expressions – Kenner, LA!

Thanks for sharing Amy! It’s too cute!

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7 Responses to Amy’s Cupcake Tattoo

  1. Heather

    Oh, I love your tattoo! Definitely one of my favs. I’m getting a cupcake tattoo next month, I can’t wait.

  2. Nurul

    yeah, it’s pretty~! and the color is just nice :)

  3. Maverick

    That is so cute!!! :) I love this blog-I love cupcakes.

    xox, mavi

  4. Amy

    Thanks guys! :) I wish the pic was better, but every time we took one with flash it was so bright you couldn’t see anything!

  5. Mandy

    Totally cute! How much did it cost you?

  6. Amy

    $100… i was expecting more. another parlor told me it was gonna be around $125. i guess because of all the detail and colors. it’s my first color tattoo!

  7. Amy

    oh yeah and thanks! lol

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