Tiny Polaroid Cupcake Necklace

By on April 11th, 2009 . Filed under: Accessories, Jewelry .

How completely sweet is this tiny Polaroid necklace from Etsy seller Phoebe Marie?

There are loads of cupcake-themed necklaces in the shop, but these wee photos are my favorite!

And at only $5 a pop, why not try a few flavors?

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5 Responses to Tiny Polaroid Cupcake Necklace

  1. phoebe marie

    i’m flattered at the mention, loves! especially since i love and follow your blog. (not to mention LOVE cupcakes!!!) i’ll have to send you a picture of my cupcake tattoo AND cupcake non-engagement ring one of these days.
    xxo, phoebe marie

  2. apparentlyjessy

    Ohhh that is a sweet necklace! I will check her shop out thanks!

  3. marika @ madcap

    Totally adorable. WANT.

  4. Chelsea

    Soooo cute! Only $5 too! Gotta get me one of these! :]

  5. GreenEyedLillies

    So cute!

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