The Best Cupcake Tattoo Roundup!

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Below is some of our favorite cupcake tattoos that have been featured on this site! Enjoy! To browse the whole tattoo collection, view our cupcake tattoo page.

1) Natalie’s Cupcake Tattoo by Kapten Hanna @ Just Good Tattoos in Portland, ME.
Originally featured:

2) Cupcake Girly Sleeve by Conor Blue Eyes of Sarasota Florida
Originally Featured:

3) Good and Evil Cupcake Tattoos on Alicia. Work done by Amanda Cancilla at Artistic Skin Designs in Indianapolis, IN.
Originally Featured:

4) Cakespy Cupcake Tattoo on Tara
Originally Featured:

5) Lyndsay’s Cupcake Tattoo by Mikey Sarratt at Intense Creations in Tempe, Az
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6) Bake & Destroy Cupcake Tattoo on Natalie. Done by Chris Smith at Taylor Street Tattoo.
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To browse the whole tattoo collection, view our cupcake tattoo page.

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6 Responses to The Best Cupcake Tattoo Roundup!

  1. Amber

    i dont understand why people think cherries go on top of cupcakes?!?!?

  2. Jessica

    amber – i’ve had some cupcakes with cherries on top, they were gooood. i think the cherry on top saying has been around forever. “with a cherry on top”.. It signifies something delicious, sweet, yummy.

  3. CupcakeGirl!!

    I lovee Cupcakeees! & i want a cool tatto! so thanks for the images! loveee thee pagee!!!
    Sparkleee thee world!
    Cupcakee Girl! <3

  4. Ash

    Good to see someone else good and evil cupcake tattoos. I love mine!

  5. dora

    i love the whole cupcake thing… im getting my cupcake tattoo soon but i want mine to be pretty and dramatic.. any suggestions?!?

  6. Taraa Ucci

    I extremely want to get these bows on the back of my thighs, and i want to have little cupcakes in the center of the bow, and i want to have a little saying above the bow, thats related but im not to sure.
    something girly, sweet or feminine.
    any suggestions?

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