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Our friends at McCormick have teamed up with Hello, Cupcake! author Karen Tack to share some fun decorating ideas all using food color! What better way to get rid of the winter blues than with vibrant colors in our spring time treats!

Also, McCormick has this cool new digital color creator tool on its Web site that allows you to choose your favorite color and it gives you the formula to creating the perfect shade.

One lucky ATC Reader will win a Color Creativity Kit that includes:

  • Food colors
  • Tips on how to decorate with food color
  • Hello, Cupcake! Cookbook
  • Tools for decorating with color including, frosting bags, paint brush, spatula and cupcake liners

To enter please comment below sharing your favorite decorating tip.

Winner will be chosen by on April 12th, 2009.

Good Luck Cupcakes!

***Contest is now closed!***

The winner is comment #55

Lisa Smiley

April 8th, 2009 at 6:23 pm I love pretty swirls using the 1M and 2D tips…when you put a bit of vanilla icing in and then chocolate icing, you get a really neat two toned swirl!

Congrats to the winner! I will be contacting you shortly!

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110 Responses to McCormick Giveaway

  1. Hannah

    I love using dragees, those little silver balls. I think they bring a really classy and festive feel to anything I’m decorating. Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and candy alike – I’m always all about some dragees.

    <3 you and <3 cupcakes!!!


  2. jimaiemarie

    I absolutely LOVE using edible glitter on my cupcakes, I don’t know if it’s the little girl in me or what but I just love all things sparkly and can’t imagine leaving my cupcakes out of the sparkle equation ;D
    This is SUCH a great giveaway!!!

  3. Nina

    I love to either cut off the tops of the cupcakes, pipe the frosting on and use the crumbs from the top to decorate or I just enjoy using some of the ingredients I had used in the cupcake to put on top. Extra sugar, cookies, etc.

  4. Heather @ Baketastic

    I love using shaped fondant to top a perfect buttercream swirl on my cupcakes! :)

  5. Julie

    I love to dye coconut, sugars, or other ingredients in plastic bags and then adding them to my cupcakes!

  6. Wendy

    I love to use little mini sugar cookie cutouts to decorate my cupcakes. Another thing I like to use to decorate is chocolate – white or milk – melted and then swirled across the frosting. Very simple but looks elegant. I’m also a color and sparkle nut – so I LOVE edible glitter, etc. :-)

  7. Lael

    Love the edible ink pens to do details!

  8. Diana

    I love flowers on cupcakes!

  9. Crystal

    I love sprinkles! They make any cupcake look colorful & cheerful.

  10. Debbie K

    I have soooo many favorites! Definitely sprinkles and sugar crystals. They make everything seem fun and festive and happy. Awesome giveaway!

  11. Tammie

    When every I make cupcakes with a girly theme I like to use edable colored dust to the finished product. It just makes it look just a little bit more prettier.

  12. RockerJewlz

    I know this seems ridiculously simple, but getting the icing swirls just right into a desired pattern is my favorite topping. So much can be done with just the icing spreading tool!

  13. Cortney

    I love to decorate cupcakes with fondant cut out into cute little shapes.

  14. Carolyn G

    I have started using edible flowers for decoration on my cupcakes. My favorites are vilets and lavender. It’s different and pretty.

  15. Megan Santos

    I like my decorating very simple. I like simple sprinkles, or colored dust.

  16. T with Honey

    Decorate with your star in mind. If the cupcakes taste not-so-good to your guest of honor it doesn’t matter how great they look. For this reason I never put any kind of hard, crunchy decorations on my husband’s cupcakes.

  17. Tiffany Rosson

    My favorite cupcake decorations that I have PERSONALLY created were the cupcakes I make at Christmas! I make devil’s food cake cupcakes and decorated each with faces made of fondant to look like the members of our family. It was not an easy task, but the looks on my girls’ faces was worth it.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.
    tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com

  18. Marie

    I love using fondant making cartoon characters, animals or flowers. I also like putting candy on top.

  19. Briana

    I prefer to use the good old piping bags. I also love using edible glitter. It can be a little messy, but looks gorgeous on cupcakes! :-)

  20. Meaghan

    My mom taught me to keep a glass of warm water in my workspace when decorating a cake to keep the spatula and spreaders clean and warm, which creates smooth, lovely icing.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. joanne

    I love to make mine like Magnolia’s where you use the offset spatula to create a well of sorts and then fill it in with sprinkles.

  22. lindsey

    I like to crush cookies in my batter and use crumbs for decor on top on icing as well! Cookies n cream

  23. Erin

    One of my favorite decorating techniques is making and decorating sugar cookies to use as cupcake toppers. It’s super cute and edible!

  24. Tristine

    At birthday parties, try letting the kids (and adults) decorate their own cupcakes. Take a photo of each person with their cupcake and then send it to them in a thank-you note. You never can tell what wonderful creations they will come up with!

  25. Megbates

    My tip is ridiculous, but here it is. Go slow but accept what you have created. I am a messy baker and I always seem to be in a rush which creates lumps and bumps in my decorating. So now I try to take my time so my design is what i want it to be. However, if I screw up, it’s ok. It will still taste good!!! Perhaps if it’s ugly less people will eat it and they will be all mine!

  26. Candace

    First, I draw a little design on wax paper (safari animal, bird, swirl). Then I lined it with piped chocolate. Then I color white chocolate and fill in the decoration. I got this idea from the whimsical bakehouse book. It is so freaking easy and turns out adorable!

    I also like to ice my cupcakes with THE biggest star tip I have. They end up looking like giant flowers. :)

  27. Sarah (aka CountrySLChic)

    My favorite decorating tip is my big 1B. A pretty swirl looks great alone or adorned with flowers, sprinkles, or other fun toppers.

  28. christina

    i like to use real flowers that are edible as toppers. its simple and quick.

  29. Mar

    I love dipping the cupcake after it has cooled on freshly whipped cream cheese frosting. It’s the simplest way I frost cupcakes but it reminds me of being a little girl decades ago – sweet & simple.

  30. Kira Adams

    I love to swirl the tops of my cupcakes (mainly mini cupccakes) in hot confectioners icing, like the kind you use to frost sugar cookies. Makes them have a smooth finish and easy to pipe chocolate over. :)

  31. Sugar Crush

    My best decorating tip is to be creative and enjoy your work of art no matter what.

  32. Stefanie B

    I’m a simpleton, i love schmearing my frosting so it has that perfect yet messy kinda look. Or just piping it on with the biggest start tip I have.

  33. Sara

    I once made icing that was too thick to squeeze through the bag and the metal tip…I had to remove it all! So icing consistancy :)

  34. Gaby

    When I finally get around to decorating, I make sure everything I need to use is organized and easy to reach. I find that I start to get panicky and mess up my decorations more often when all my tools are scattered around the kitchen.

  35. Leah

    I love to use the starter decorating kit with the biggest star tip to swirl on frosting, top with sprinkles, colored sugar or edible glitter. Simple yet beautiful!

  36. deede

    In the 30+ years I’ve been baking, I’ve never been happy with my cupcakes until I started using a medium scoop to place cake batter in the cupcake papers. Now, my cupcakes are of uniform size, and the batter goes alot further. Helps reduce spills, too!
    Thanks so much!

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  38. Sandra

    I love using sugar crystals!

  39. Brooke Gray

    There is beauty in simplicity. I love piping a perfect swirl and dusting with edible glitter, sprinkles or a simple frosting flower. I just learned how to do a rose!

  40. Esmiles

    Personally I am an icing fanatic so for me the best cupcake is the one with the most frosting! Also I always like to make up a playlist to listen to while I decorate, it keeps from getting frustrated if things dont go the way I planned and it makes it even more fun!!

  41. Martha (Ms.Cherryspoon)

    My favorite tip is the one I just read about that digital color creator tool is very cool!

  42. Bliss

    I like to make sure that my icing tastes as good as it looks. Also, having fun while decorating makes things turn out so much better.

  43. Emily Barklage

    Desperate times call for desperate measures – when you’re out of pastry bags, snip off the corner of a zip-lock bag!

  44. jessica

    i love adding crumbled cookies to my cupcakes. and piping bags and pretty tips are a must have for me. i’m always buying decorations, papers and sprinkles, it’s an obsession.

  45. Shannon

    I’m a simple girl. A good buttercream frosting and a few sprinkles is all I need! I do like to coordinate the liners to the sprinkles depending on the seaon.

  46. Beth

    I like to put powdered sugar on the tip of my finger to pat down frosting that has gotten too long.

  47. DeDe

    This sounds like a package for me…hope I win.

  48. Jenny

    I like to use garnishes (orange rind, sprinkled cinnamon, shredded coconut) in a decoration’s place – you can eat it, and easier than fondant!

  49. Meghan

    I love using fondant, especially my homemade. You can do any thing with it and it always looks great!!

  50. Mireya

    I like to garnish with fresh fruit!

  51. Jillian

    I love using fun, bright, festive liners that make eating cupcakes all the more enjoyable. Plus lots of sprinkles and icing make it the best!

  52. Lisa

    I like to decorate my cupcakes the old fashioned way with simple frosting in a fun color!

  53. Natalie

    I love using icing decorator kits. This makes it really easy to personalize your cupcakes with designs or lettering! and gives your home-made delicacies a professional look!

  54. Arden

    I love using edible glitter.


  55. Lisa Smiley

    I love pretty swirls using the 1M and 2D tips…when you put a bit of vanilla icing in and then chocolate icing, you get a really neat two toned swirl!

  56. Amber Barnum

    I love filling my cupcakes, and then piping a pretty little swirl of frosting on top. Then there is a nice surprise inside! :-)

  57. Amanda

    I love using different kinds of candy for my cupcakes. For my Easter bunny cupcakes I used jelly beans, marshmallows and M&M’s, they turned out too cute to eat!

  58. twopartssugar

    My latest favorite decorating idea is stamps fo fondant!

  59. Caitlin H.

    I love to use beautiful cupcake liners to spruce up a less colorful or exciting-looking (but of course still tasty!) cupcake. Also edible ink pens are great for decorating. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  60. Paulette A.

    I like to make little decorations out of marzipan that have something to do with the flavor of the cupcake–*carrot cake/carrots, lemon/little lemons. Fun!

  61. Jacie

    I love to decorate my cupcakes with completely edible items. The fun is coming up with new ideas and finding candy, gum, cookies, etc. that can be used. Thanks.

  62. Mandy

    After seeing it in a decorating book, I just love topping cupcakes with a single starburst and using white icing as the “ribbon” for the starburst present for any birthday occasion.

  63. Suzy

    I’m a big fan of NOT using the tips when I frost. I like the way it (frosting) just looks so soft and yummy just out of a cut frosting bag, or even the corner of a Ziploc if you are in a pinch!

  64. Cathy

    It may seem simple but i always love to pipe frosting on a cupcake just becase it looks cute and people love to eat them. :)

  65. cristal

    my best decorating tip is to make each and every cupcake unique( like it’s one of a kind.)

  66. Betsy

    Cupcake tip: Make sure the frosting hardens slightly before putting in the air tight container. :) This keeps the frosting from running. Also, make sure it’s not too moist in the container if you have candies on top… their color and sugar can run also! :)

  67. Tamey

    I absolutely love neon colors…so the mccormick neon food coloring 4 pack is a must to have.Topping a cupcake off with Japanese candies are also really fun! They have the most amazing and unusual candy toppings that are so cute on top of cupcakes.

  68. Crystal

    I like putting my cupcakes in Hello Kitty muffin cups to make them look even cuter!

  69. S.

    My cupcakes are usually eaten before they’ve cooled enough to be decorated. =Þ

  70. audrey

    i love decorating with fondant :)

  71. Jill

    I whip tub frosting with my beaters to fluff it up then I put it in ziploc baggies, zip the bag, clip an end to the size I want, and frost away.

  72. Seline

    This set is really cute. ^^

  73. Jennifer

    The perfect open star tip can really make a cupcake beautiful. I love the feeling of accomplishment when using this makes such a beautiful result.

  74. Vickee

    I like to decorate each cupcake with a theme – for birthdays of family, friends, and co-workers. But here is what I think they like the best – the packaging. Everyone loves cupcakes, but to make it special I package it in coordinating colors of the design of the cupcake. Either by cellophane paper for box. Use lots of ribbon and a sweet cupcake tag. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a delectable cupcake.

  75. Erin

    my best decorating tip is: when in doubt add more frosting :) and if that doesnt work…add sprinkles

  76. Yanick

    This might so basic but my tip for cake decorating is to let them cool completely! Simple enough but too many people get excited and do not let them cook from in INSIDE and OUTSIDE!

  77. Melissa

    We love to decorate cupcakes on a whim. Each one is individual and usually gets a giggle. Love Love Love sprinlkles! I love pretty pretty liners.

  78. Cristina Carreto

    I am currently taking cake decorating classes, but my true passion are cupcakes. I figred everything I am learning can be applied to cupcakes. I enjoy dipping in sprinkles. It is a fun and simple way to make cupcakes with my niece and nephew. PICK ME!

  79. Teresa

    The best decorated cupcakes are those done by kids. Have white icing and food coloring to mix small bowls as well as different types of candy (red hots, m&m’s, licorice strands, etc) and have them decorate their favorite animal, best friend, etc. So much fun!

  80. Heaven

    I love baking cups! I think you can make a regular cupcake look so much better with a decorative liner. I currently collect baking cups and have a whole box full.

  81. Michelle

    I would have to say the liner. It just makes the cupcake! No matter what theme, it just makes it more yummy!!

  82. Kara

    I love how cupcakes are so festive and how they represent a fun time! I like to use bright colors and all the different kinds of sprinkles that match the theme that I have. Cupcakes just scream a FUN PARTY!!

  83. Sunshine

    I love to pick monochromatic sprinkles & baking cups that coordinate with the cupcake flavor. So for lemon cupcakes I’d pick a fun yellow liner, load ’em with frosting and add round yellow and white sprinkles! Thanks so much!

  84. Ashley

    I love sprinkles, any kind…it must be the kid in me! haha

  85. Erin

    I find that using a 1/3 cup measuring cup to scoop the batter into the liners is perfect for getting all the cupcakes to turn out the same size, plus it keeps the cupcake pan nice and clean for easy cleanup!

  86. Rachel Donald

    They must have spinkles! Lots and lots of beauitful sprinkles!

  87. Emily Finch

    I LOVE to dip my cupcake tops in quick dry chocolate. It’s yummy and after it dries it gives me a smooth surface to decorate on!

  88. Debbie Arrowood

    I love to make cupcakes and your ideas!

  89. Chrissy

    I love to use sprinkles because they remind me of being a child!

  90. Julie L.

    Bright colored frostings are a must!! I also love adding mini-chocolates made from cute molds, unexpected crushed candies, and fancy sprinkles. This book looks awesome!!

  91. Cindy

    Use a zip lock bag if you don’t have any icing bags. It works great!

  92. Connie H

    This would be the most fun for decorating cupcakes.
    I have a birthday party for my grandson and would love to have that book for ideas for cupcakes!!

  93. apparentlyjessy

    Oh I have been wanting the Hello, Cupcake! cookbook for ages! What a wonderful give-away!

  94. digital_cupcake

    Reading the posts did you mean tip as in helpful hint or tip as in that thing on the bottom of your pastry bag? Ha ha! I like making rainbow cupcakes. So easy. Tips for that: Don’t overfill. Don’t overmix the batter. Make twice as much as you think you need cause they are a hit!

  95. KolbeCakes

    I love to make accent pieces with melted chocolate to go along with whatever theme you may be working with such as butterflies, flowers, etc.

  96. Katie

    My favorite tip is the grass tip for sure! I use it to create grass on Easter basket cupcakes – It’s also great for making fur!

  97. Lisa Marie

    This more of a baking tip in general… But when I bake cupcakes I add a heaping spoon full of mayo to the batter and it really keeps the little cakes moist through the baking process. Give it a try!

  98. Monica

    my favorite decorating tip is the star shaped one. it’s so versatile and can be used for making stars, shells, etc. and comes in many sizes!

  99. Cindy Atwood

    Think “Sophisticated Cupcakes”. First go to McCormick’s extract and spices pages, and jot down the flavors that appeal to you. Play around with the different taste combinations for both your batters as well as your frostings. Then chose frosting colors that play off the cooled cupcake – remember, pastels are the most appealing psychologically. NOTE: All of these frostings can be either be dollops or piping.

    For sophisticated taste combos, try moist, mango cupcakes frothed with a light buttercream enhanced with equal parts of McCormick’s Clear Imitation Vanilla and Pure Almond extracts (approx. ½ teaspoon. each), then add half of one part (approx ¼ teaspoon) of their Pure Orange extracts. Exotic and bright.

    This is a big hit: freshly ground black peppercorn and cinnamon (McCormick’s Sweet Grinders) in cocoa-fudge batter turns out a scrumptiously urbane cupcake frosted with a freshly whipped cream topping (whipping cream and powdered sugar) with a dark chocolate tucked into the side of the topping.

    Another tasty and elegant fusion: Fill tin halfway with a cinnamon cupcake batter made with McCormick’s Cinnamon Extract. Add on a super thin slice of apple then remaining batter. When cooled, top with a Chai flavored frosting.

  100. YSLGuy

    I love really simple but elegant cupcakes. Frosting that is piped on in thick swirls (like an ice cream cone) and decorated with edible art (sprinkles, glitter; silver beads) or fun toppings made from fondant

  101. Elizabeth

    Viva paper towel. Pat a little of it and it makes buttercream smooth and no lint!!

  102. Alissa

    Toasted coconut is my current fave decorating thing – so tasty and springy!

  103. Jennifer

    I love using candy to create different types of decorations – like rolling out Starburst and cutting with mini cookie cutters.

  104. christine

    i love using oreo crumbs for deco!

  105. Amanda

    I really like to make my cupcake batter colored, And then I cream fill my cupcakes. The Cupcakes look so good with a beautiful colored batter, and white cream filling.

    For the top, I prefer a nice swirl. My favorite is getting any size of the star tip and taking it from the inside out. It gives a very different rose-type look. With a dash of sprinkles for extra decoration, not a lot. Keep it simple.

  106. Sarah

    I love using candy melts to create shapes to put on the cupcakes. They’re easy, fun, and versatile.

  107. Jess

    I LOVE using edible sugar sprinkles, or edible glitter dust. It really gives a girly look to the cupcakes!

  108. GreenEyedLillies

    ***Contest is now closed!***

    The winner is comment #55

    Lisa Smiley

    April 8th, 2009 at 6:23 pm I love pretty swirls using the 1M and 2D tips…when you put a bit of vanilla icing in and then chocolate icing, you get a really neat two toned swirl!

    Congrats to the winner! I will be contacting you shortly!

  109. kim

    i love this book

  110. Reginia Ivancic

    can some one please tlel me where I can find messenger emoticons free?

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