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We received this e-mail from Barb who has a question…

When I bake cupcakes in liners they stick to the liners, what can I do to stop this?

Please leave a comment if you have any answers or solutions.

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4 Responses to Cupcake Help!

  1. Pepper

    Well.. I think they’re *supposed* to stick to the liners. Most cupcakes are that way. If you’d like to bake them without liners, you can as long as you grease and flour the pan.

  2. Sara

    I agree, if you mean the paper liners, they are baked in them. If you mean the silicone liners, maybe try spraying them before the batter goes in.

  3. Chelsea

    My mom has told me to use spray with the liners if you don’t want them to stick . I have this problem when I make homemade muffins.

  4. angel

    This only happens when you use cheap liners. Use the silver foil ones or buy the more expensive ones. The paper just bakes into the cupcake with the cheapies! I’ve had this happen a million times before I put two and two together! Hope that helps!

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