Naturally Nora Cake & Frosting Mix Giveaway

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Naturally Nora Cake & Frosting Mix Giveaway

All Things Cupcake will send one lucky reader 2 packages of Naturally Nora Cake & Frosting Mix so you can make a few batches of your own cupcakes. 1 package of Sunny Yellow Cake Mix, 1 Package of Surprising Stars Cake Mix, 1 package of Surprising Stars Frosting Mix, and 1 package of Extraordinary Vanilla Frosting Mix.

Naturally Nora is an all-natural cake and frosting mix company.  Think all-natural Betty Crocker.  No hydrogenated oils or artificial ingredients of any kind (see attached).  They have the only all-natural confetti cake on the market.

To enter please visit the Naturally Nora website, have a look around, and then come back here to tell us what you like best about their products!

Winner will be chosen using on April 10th, 2009.

Good luck Cupcakes!

I would like to send a big thanks to Naturally Nora for providing the prizes for this giveaway!


***Contest is now closed!***

The winner is comment #28

Kayla      April 5th, 2009 at 3:50 pm

I love the fact that the cakes have no artificial ingredients. I am a very picky eater and when I saw these cake mixes on amazon I just had to try them for myself! They are delicious especially the confetti cake!

Congrats Kayla! I will be contacting you shortly.

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81 Responses to Naturally Nora Cake & Frosting Mix Giveaway

  1. Carol L

    I would love to say that what I love about this product would be that there are no artificial ingredients or that the I like that there is a dairy free option to the batter, but I would be lying. What I really like about the product is that the there are cookie pieces that are shaped like stars in th batter!

  2. Tania

    Love their chocolate stars – have never seen this brand and would love to try them out. Im not usually a mix maker, but no artifical ingredients would make it easier!!

  3. Carly

    I’d love to try these out – my husband’s a strict veghead, and artificial ingredients usually equal animal products!

  4. Leanne

    First off, the packaging is delightful! Who doesn’t love a purple box of anything? Second, and most important, is the continued proliferation of products that we can feel good about! Cake is wholesome, fun food, and with Nora’s products cake is something one can share with their family without the guilt that often accompanies serving packaged foods. I say way to go!

  5. joanne

    While I definitely like that there aren’t artficial ingredients, I love that this can be made dairy- free.

  6. micki

    I love this website! Naturally Nora is great for my family because the ingredients are wholesome. We love cupcakes and the fact that this mix doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils makes it a win-win situation. Thanks for the give-away!

  7. Megan Santos

    Sounds awesome! I love the packaging!!

  8. Kendahl

    Thanks for turning me onto this site! I will be ordering from them. What I love most about this company is that I can pronounce all items in their ingredient list, AND I know what they all are! That’s pretty good.

  9. Mireya

    I love the variety they offer in cake mixes. Just because there isn’t artificial ingredients doesn’t mean they have to be boring! What an awesome giveaway!

  10. cassie o

    definitely love that there are no arificial food colorings

    i love to make cupcakes for others, but i have a friend whose children can’t have artificial food colorings … this would make a perfect treat to share with her family

  11. Suzanne

    I really do love the fact that they have natural ingredients, no artificial food colorings, no hydrogenated oil, etc. I also love their packaging and look forward to tasting testing all their products! Fantastic!

  12. Diana

    As a kosher consumer, I love that their products are dairy free! And the stars are adorable!

  13. Jaelyn Williams

    I like the fact that these are vegan (no dairy). I have found that most people can’t even tell a vegan cupcake from one with dairy.

  14. Kami

    I like the fact the the frosting comes in mix form rather than pre-made. I also like the star mix-ins. What a cute idea! I would love to give these a try.

  15. Darlene

    My vegan friend has turned me into a more all natural baker. I would love to share these with her, my family, and my kids at school! This would be a great end of year treat for them! Great product!!!!

  16. Meg

    I love the idea of a nice mix that’s all natural, that doesn’t hinge it’s marketing solely on its “all-naturalness”. If I saw their mixes in the store, I would buy one for it’s healthiness, but especially for it’s CUTE and unique take on cakes and cupcakes, like the ‘lots a dots’ and ‘surprising stars’

  17. Kristen

    I love that Naturally Nora has taken a product that most of us have grown up with and loved, and made it into something much more wholesome and healthy. Who doesn’t have a memory of a grade school classmate bringing in “Funfetti” cupcakes for their birthday treat to share with the class? I would feel so much better about allowing my daughter to have a cupcake made with the mixes from Naturally Nora versus the alternative brands.

  18. Edytheanne

    Love the retro inspired graphics that take you back to the days when food was food, not chemicals.

  19. Angie

    I would LOVE to try this product! It is not yet available in CA. :( I’d like to see how the stars come out in the baked cupcakes!!!

  20. Megbates

    I really love that this product was started as a way to make something healthy and taste good for her kids! What a wonderful inspiration.
    As far as the website, I love that the nutritional information is easy to find!
    What a great product!

  21. Cupcake Retro

    I love the stars!

  22. JLovesCake

    I love the simple ingredients and I would love to try the surprising stars mixes. Just imagine the possibilities of switching around frosting and cake mixes. I love the chance to mix and match things. Oh, I definitely need to make some cake!

  23. Sarah (aka CountrySLChic)

    I love that their products are kosher! I have a friend who I can never bake for because nothing I create is kosher…but NOT anymore!

  24. Sara

    The ‘Surprising Stars’ caught my eye, but as I cruised the website, I thought of how great it was that someone was making cake mixes without hydrogenated oils in it! I saw this quote on her site: “I also soon learned that the “perfectly moist” boxed-mix texture that kids love is typically the result of thickening agents and chemical fillers” and knew she was right!
    The idea for kosher icing and mix is an amazing one

  25. Mona

    i love the ability to bake with all natural ingredients without having to make it all from scratch! as much as i love non-box cakes, there isn’t always time for that.

  26. madjonsmom

    very cool! since i live in a very rural area, i can’t see me being able to purchase these locally. i would love to try them though, especially since i have a catering business and am always looking for new and great things.

  27. jessie

    no artificial coloring? sold! i have two sweet little boys in my life who are allergic to artificial coloring… i can’t wait to make them some tasty cupcakes with this mix! thanks for sharing!!

  28. Kayla

    I love the fact that the cakes have no artificial ingredients. I am a very picky eater and when I saw these cake mixes on amazon I just had to try them for myself! They are delicious especially the confetti cake!

  29. Erica M.

    no dairy, no soy, and they’re kosher. you’re getting healthy, FUN cake mixes, minus the scary chemicals, and they’re all natural. It’s a win win win!! Even if I “lose” this giveaway, I definitely will make the funfetti-looking cake, asap! Thanks for giving an all natural product some press, us treehuggers appreciate it!

  30. BeeJay

    I’ve never really worried about artificial ingredients or anything like that but I’ve been wanting to try new things like Nartually Nora’s products. I just tested out a vegan cake last night and it wasn’t too shabby! I wish they sold her products somewhere close to me! =(

  31. Wendy

    What a fun site. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve bookmarked it all ready.

  32. Karacad

    I like the fact that these mixes are able to be eaten by many different kinds of people – ie- vegans, people allergic to dairy and soy, koshers, etc. I have never heard of nor tried this brand but I am one who likes to try new things. Thanks for letting me know about this product!!

  33. Ashleigh Bulliner

    I like that fact that I understand what all the ingredients are instead mysterious chemicals.

  34. Mary Fallert

    What I like best about Naturally Nora is the product itself. These cake mixes are fabulous!!! One of the very best cakes that I have ever eaten, and you just won’t believe it came out of a box. I like that Nora is trying to give folks who want to bake something healthy an alternative which is fun, easy, and delicious. Wish I could get these at my local grocery store. . .

  35. chelsea

    What I like best about these cake mixes is that even though they are healthy, the flavor options look really good….it is hard to find boxed cakes that don’t include artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  36. Jennifer

    I think the packaging may be my favorite thing….I love anything that is purple.

  37. DeDe

    Finally a cake mix for my vegan customers. I would love to try this product.

  38. Tiffany Rosson

    I love these products. Why didn’t I hear about this sooner? When my kids were younger, I had the hardest time finding ALL NATURAL products. My daughter is allergic to EVERYTHING. This would make a great alternative to the preservative-rich cake mixes on the shelves at my local grocer.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.
    tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com

  39. Lael

    I love the all-natural ingredients- but I REALLY want to try the yellow cake with REAL COOKIES inside! That sounds awesome!!!

  40. Julie

    I love the retro looking box. I love that these are natural. The stars inside the cake look great, reminds me of funfetti mixes. The fact of a woman entrepreneur starting the company is cool too.

  41. Jennifer Wilmoth

    This is wonderful! I love the cheerful names of the cakes, and the packaging. The fact that it is all natural is a huge bonus!

  42. Dipti

    I love that the mixes are low fat AND that there is a mix with cookie pieces–YUMMY! Finally, something that is delicious and good for you!!

  43. Tammie

    The product sounds very good to give it a try. Who wouldn’t want a healthy cupcake to eat. Only wished that their was a store near by so that I could give them a try.

  44. Leeann

    I would love to try these!! My kids would like the cookie cookie. However, I would love to try the chocolate stars!

  45. Sandra

    I have to agree with Carol L. I am in love with the Star batter/frosting.

  46. Brooke Gray

    We should know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies. The earth provides natural ingredients for us to use; why make concoctions in a lab to replace these? I love that everything is ALL-NATURAL and cute, as well. You can have the best of both worlds.

  47. Esmiles

    My favorite thing is the cute names for all their products: “cheerful chocolate”, “a lot of dots”, “extraordinary vanilla”, “suprising stars” – all so clever and perfect for cupcakes!!

  48. Bliss

    Surprising stars is such a great idea. I have friends who love anything bedazzled with stars, so this cake would be perfect to bake for them.

  49. Shannon

    The all-natural! Kids (and adults) get so much artificial everything, that it is great that there is an easy alternative! My daughter would love Alot’a Dots and Surprising Stars!

  50. Jenny

    Nora’s products are great for my cousin, who is on a GFCF diet. I would love to make these for him!

  51. Cortney

    I would love to win this and make cupcakes for my sister since she just found out she can no longer eat dairy of any kind. Great product!

  52. Fiona

    I think it’s wonderful that there are more and more options coming out for those who have allergies or intolerances, and that they’re also starting to taste good!

  53. Leah

    I love anything natural, and would absolutely love to try the chocolate stars mix!

  54. Arden

    I like the Alot’a Dots versions!


  55. Candace

    I’m a vegetarian who has been trying to go vegan and this might make it that much easier. :)

  56. Amber Barnum

    I really like that I can know I am giving my family something that is not full of artificial junk!!

  57. Caitlin H.

    I love that they do not contain any trans fats!! I’ve noticed that Betty Crocker and other grocery store box mixes STILL have trans fats in them, even after all of the trans-fats controversies. Unbelievable. So I love that about Naturally Nora and the packaging is very cute, too!

    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  58. Tristine

    Yummy cupcakes with less guilt… priceless!

  59. Suzy

    how much cooler can you get than an all natural box mix? I try to make ‘most’ of my cakes from scratch b/c it makes me feel like even though I am endulging, I’m being smarter or healthier about it. But box mixes are just SO convenient! Thanks Nora for giving us a Natural option!

  60. Cathy

    I love how natural these mixes are as well as the fact that the cake mixes are vegan. I also love how cute the cakes with the stars are. :)

  61. Tamey

    I like the stars! Never seen that before.

  62. Timothy S

    The variety of cake mixes is awesome.
    God bless

  63. Crystal

    They are made with lots of love! What more could you ask for in a product?

  64. Teresa

    I’m so in love with the vintage packaging and little stars! It is great that it’s a much more antural product, even more so than what we make at home in our own kitchens.

  65. Jen

    I love the star sprinkles and the fact that there is a wide variety to choose from. Natural doesn’t have to mean plain and simple! Can’t wait to try them

  66. Rachel Donald

    Chocolate Stars? What’s not to love. I also love the package. So retro. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance! Wooot

  67. Emily Finch

    I like that you can give your kids something without all the artificial junk and they’d actually still think it was tasty!
    P.S. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. Shara Martin

    My daughter will be one May 31 and I’m giving her a cupcake themed party. She and her sister both have some food sensitivity/allergies, cow milk included. I love that these are dairy free and have all natural ingredients. I want my baby and her guests to enjoy her birthday cupcakes and there is no way I can bake them all from scratch so I’m going with Naturally Nora! I would love to win this giveaway thanks for having it!!

  69. Connie H

    I would really like to give these a try! I have never seen this brand before and I love the stars! This is my first time to this website and I am really enjoying it. Thanks!

  70. apparentlyjessy

    I really like the idea of the surprising stars mix, it looks great. I would love to try these out.

  71. Katie

    Wow, I never realized all the extra stuff usual cake mixes have in them. I’m always looking for more natural products and would love to give these a try, especially the surprising stars kind- looks interesting!

  72. Lisa Marie

    Just the fact alone that their products are “dairy optional” makes me instantly want to try it! I think I’m going to have to place an order! Thanks for the awesome link ATC!

  73. Kay

    I never realized how much junk was in cake mixes! I’m not a big dairy person so I love that dairy is optional!

  74. Kittie

    The packaging is so retro, I love it! ATC is a great site thanks for this giveaway!

  75. Cindy Atwood

    Wow! What really hit me about Naturally Nora’s cake mixes was the comparison page showing all the additives, etc. in the leading cake mixes. and you can do a lot with cake mixes from ice cream sauces, to cookies, to bars, to pie crusts, etc.
    I LOVE the fact that Naturally Nora uses NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, hydrogenated oils or trans fats.
    AND NO SOY … a.k.a. “the silent killer”!!

    As a breast cancer survivor, I have learned that soy (which is in just about everything from Worcestershire sauce to mayonnaise to children’s cereal and baby formulas) is genetically engineered by Monsanto – the same folks who bring us RoundUp (the weed killer) to interior paints and industrial powders, and yes … AGENT ORANGE!!
    I will definitely try to find Naturally Nora on the shelves, or I will hound my grocer until he stocks her!!

  76. Elizabeth

    I love that there are NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  77. Alissa

    I like the cute names the products have – like surprising stars.

  78. christine

    no preservatives, no artificial flavorings. YUM! natural is the way to go

  79. GreenEyedLillies

    The winner is comment #28

    April 5th, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    I love the fact that the cakes have no artificial ingredients. I am a very picky eater and when I saw these cake mixes on amazon I just had to try them for myself! They are delicious especially the confetti cake!

  80. Heartburn Home Remedy

    My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  81. Michelle

    I been looking around for cake mix that is vegan and cannot find one. I found this but still do not think that it is vegan but I read and seen a video and it says that it can be made vegan. LOVE IT.

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