Laura’s Cupcake Tattoo

By on April 3rd, 2009 . Filed under: Tattoos .


We received this photo and email from Laura…

I had this done by Danni at Tattooing at Gunpoint, in Hove, East Sussex, UK.

I love it. My sis has a similar one on her back :-)

That is gorgeous! I alos have to say love your shoes! If your sister feels like sharing her tattoo as well we would love to post it!

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17 Responses to Laura’s Cupcake Tattoo

  1. Mona

    Yay for cute tattoos and cute shoes!

  2. Amy

    Adorable!!! And the shoe just adds to it!

  3. jimaiemarie

    this is a kickass cupcake tat!! i’m lovin the shoes too!

  4. Rebecca

    I have been looking for a new tattoo to add to my fetish….and I am so excite to annouce that I will be getting this tattoo done this week….thank you for having it up and posted!!

  5. Claire

    OMG! I love it! I don’t want to get a tattoo, but if I did I would get this one I LOVE IT! also the shoes are awesome!!

  6. manda

    love it! i was going to get a tattoo of a butterfly last week and was looking through the web when i came across this one. its perfect. this saturday i will be gettint this tattoo done along with my bff.

  7. rhea oliveria

    omg! Thats lovely!

  8. luvhateslux

    I am SO in love with this!!!

  9. oheemgee123

    ohemgee me and my cuzzy are definitley planning on getting this tattoo together!! so adorable bt this looks great on you :DDD

  10. ray hinkle

    that toe is crucial…………

  11. Calypso

    How funny! I have the same cupcake in different colors! Mine is purple with pink frosting with 2 big aqua stars and a whole lot of black *’s….I love it, but girl let me tell you that I’m loving your tat waaay more!!!! And those shoes, damn!!! I want them! Im soo jealous of ur tat!!! Wish I had thought of that first. Kudos to you!

  12. Erich Hedon

    The conversation gets addictive. Blogging friendships and the dialogue are very rewarding and inspiring. I’ve learned so much from the folks I talk to through the comment boxes that I use.

  13. Vanessa lane

    I absolutely love this tattoo,it is so stunning! I love the colours,there so bright,I want it!!!.


    that is is so kute

  15. Kitty-kat

    Omg I love this tat like so much it is soo hott.

  16. Kalin williams

    OMG :) i luv dis freak n tattoo …..

  17. Kye Green

    i lovv thiss tattt.. :) it go hard yhuu shoulld lett mee copp that.. sike naww. butt it is cutee!!!

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