Hand Painted Cupcake Magic Wand

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Hand Painted Cupcake Magic Wand $25.00

Add a little magic today and deem yourself the Queen (or maybe just Princess) of Cupcakes with this charming cupcake wand!

This adorable cupcake wand is approx. 13 ½ inches long and the cupcake is approx. 4 inches wide. Each wand is created using a dowel rod, canvas, ribbon, and non-toxic acrylic paint. Water based protective top coat and some shimmery twinkle is added to ensure lots of play day after day!

Each wand is painted by hand just for you; yours may vary oh-so-slightly from what you see here.

Available at whirleygirl designs.

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2 Responses to Hand Painted Cupcake Magic Wand

  1. Christina

    When I saw this in my RSS feed I was hoping for a magical wand that could make cupcakes in an instant!

    I’m almost disappointed but the actual wand is lovely so that makes up for it :D

  2. whirleygirl designs

    Thanks so much for including my magical wand –
    It is such an honor to be amongst all of this fabulous cupcake-ness!!

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