Cupcake stuff from Michael’s!

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ATC Reader Brooke sent us this photo and told us about the many cupcake items she picked up from her local Michael’s…

Cupcake stuff at Michael’s Craft Store!! Only a dollar!!! I got ribbons, candles, magnets, lip gloss, cards, note pads, stamps, and cupcake ornaments!!!! 

Thanks for sharing Brooke!

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9 Responses to Cupcake stuff from Michael’s!

  1. Candace

    I went to 2 michael’s stores where I live and they don’t have these items. I want it all!!! :( I love cupcake stuff….I guess it’s only at some Michael stores. Oh well….

  2. Lyndsay

    I was wondering in which state Brooke found these items? I was just at Michael’s today and didn’t have time to look around. Now I wish I would have :-(

  3. Krista

    Haven’t seen any in Canada-yet! Fingers crossed!

  4. Brooke

    I live in Arizona. I feel bad you guys can’t get this stuff at such a great price! I will seriously see if I can find some more if anyone is interested!

  5. Lyndsay

    Thanks Brooke….I actually found it today. I too live in Arizona luckily! :-)

  6. Jennifer

    I live in Upstate NY and I just went to my Michael’s today and found this stuff.

  7. Cupcake Retro

    I may or may not have bought over sixty dollars worth of this stuff today at Michaels. You can find it in the dollar section and there should be a sign that says sweet cupcake on it. There are allot of different designs and items.I found plates, napkins, candles, cards, shopping lists, ribbon, and notebooks.

  8. faiza

    oooooooh i want them 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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