Cupcake Wine

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We received this photo and email from ATC Reader Kerry…

What? Cupcake wine???

Yes there is a vineyard called Cupcake!  Must be good and check out their display.

Thanks for the photo! I can not wait to try that wine!

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5 Responses to Cupcake Wine

  1. YSLGuy

    I have to try this wine.

  2. Angela

    I have had these wines! very delicious. Everyone must try!

  3. Stephanie

    I have been singing this wines praises!!! Love the Chardonnay, I am sending this out as gifts.

  4. Heaven

    I just saw this same display at the local grocery on sale for $9.99. I just bought one merlot, havent tried it yet…

  5. Petunia

    When I first heard of this wine, I ran out and bought a bottle. Being naive, I thought it would taste sweet, or like a cupcake- boy was I disappointed haha.

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