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We are LOVING this CUPCAKE bracelet!!

Handstamped and handcut aluminum on silver plated chain bracelet with a too cute pewter cupcake charm and strawberry Czech glass bead. Bracelet length is 7 1/4″ (but can be resized) and width is 1/2″. Isn’t it just FABULOUS??!!

How can you get it?? Leave a comment at The Cupcakes Club and if you are chosen by you could be the proud owner of this delicious CUPCAKE bracelet on Monday, March 30th!!

Good Luck! ;)

If you are not lucky enough to win this gorgeous cupcake bracelet you may purchase it at Trendy Shoppes for $16.00 plus S&H.

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14 Responses to CUPCAKE bracelet GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Carol L

    This is such a cute bracelet! Love the charm.

  2. Sandy

    Now that is simply perfect for any cupcake lover out there!

  3. Melinda

    The bracelet is sweet & decadent :)

  4. Marylu

    Cupcakes are a way of life!

  5. Holly aka Psycho Cupcake

    That is too cute. I would love to be chosen.

  6. Heaven

    Is there any way I can just buy this bracelet? without winning

  7. Zoe Darazsdi

    I would love to be the winner of this bracelet. I’m excited to be linked to yet another cupcake website!

  8. Rebeca Turner

    I eat dessert before dinner. The Bracelet matches motto :)

  9. victoria larkin

    If I am not lucky enough to win, please can you let me know how to buy.Its my cupcake mad daughter’s birthday this week…………..

  10. GreenEyedLillies

    If you are not lucky enough to win this gorgeous cupcake bracelet you may purchase it at Trendy Shoppes for $16.00 plus S&H.

    I updated the OP with the links! ;)

  11. Tracey Alvernaz

    I am amazed at the cleverness of you all! Not only with the baking and decorating ideas and creativity, but with a darling cupcake bracelet as well. What a way to announce to all that you enjoy baking and it is a passion in your life. I certainly like to announce my passion to the world!

  12. djavana

    aw its just too cute!!! where can i buy one??? i need one for me…cuz im cupcake kinda person here…
    do u have anything besides cupcakes??
    (just asking)

  13. Joseph Moore

    Hello great site & info but I recently read about a medical silicone wristband that could store all your medical information. I’m wondering does any one know where to get these?

  14. Jack

    I so much need to get myself in gear and create a blog similar to this one.

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