Shelley’s cupcake tattoo

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We received this email and these photos from ATC Reader Shelley…

HEY!!!… well ive sort of had this cupcake addiction
for the better half of my life and am EXSTATIC that it
has slowly but surely become the pastry of choice!!!!
YEEAAAAA!!!!!…..well ive had this cupcake tatoo since 9.8.07…..
so this love of mine goes back a wHILE..
it was done by jazmin from champion tattoos in
bronx N.Y, shes awesome and my only artist! been trying to share this with you guys for a while..
so happy to see other ppl sharing!! they look great guys!!

(btw i got the little star pierced! isnt it awesome!!=D)

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! ;)

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3 Responses to Shelley’s cupcake tattoo

  1. apparentlyjessy

    THIS is an awesome cupcake tattoo.

  2. shelley

    I designed it myself ^_~!

  3. alexis

    that tat is fab

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