Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

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Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcakes from Martha Stewart Living

The three-leaf clover, or shamrock, became linked with Ireland through the missionary work of Saint Patrick, who used its trefoil pattern to symbolize Christianity’s Holy Trinity. In celebration of the holiday that commemorates the saint’s death (March 17), place a sprig or two of clover atop each cupcake decorated with buttercream icing. Remove sprig before eating.

First Published: March 2001

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  1. Shoaib

    WoW… What a fabulous cupcake. Thanks for great tips and ideas. For St Patricks Day party supplies you can buy everything online from online party stores like

  2. Joan

    Check out my blog to see my St. Pat’s cupcakes. Love your blog!

  3. cheyenne

    i like this cupcake

  4. pammilly

    its very nice

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