Your purchase goes to helping Domestic Violence Survivors

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Shown above… mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow, and mark Shine Tubes Hook Up Lip Gloss

One of the shades of their eyeshadow shown above is called “Cake”, and one of the lip gloss shades is called  “Buttercream Brioche”.
Your purchase of anything from this mark site goes to helping Domestic Violence Survivors

My friend Stephanie and I are a survivors of Domestic Violence, and the cause is near and dear to our hearts. (A few weeks ago I finally got out of an abusive relationship.)

Each month Stephanie will take 10% of her mark profits, as well as donations from her church and other supporters, and place them in a fund. This fund goes to purchase supplies to make care kits for women in her favorite shelter, La Casa de las Madres.

These kits contain makeup and personal care products, a bible, a journal, and a pack of pens. She is trying to expand in the future to add things like a prepaid phone card and a gift certificate for a clothing purchase.

These women have had their self esteem SHATTERED. A small luxury like a tub of mascara or a can of hairspray can be a major step in rediscovering themselves and their incredibly self worth.

If you are interested in purchasing some great cosmetics for low prices while also helping an important cause, check out her store mark.

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