Apron Giveaway from Cupcake Provocateur! *closed*

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Do we have a fabulous giveaway in store for our readers! Not only is Cupcake Provocateur donating the SEXY Leopard Lounge Apron for our giveaway. They are going to give the runner up a $25.00 gift certificate for their shop!

This apron would definitely be an apron I could see myself wearing. It’s absolutely adorable and sexy too.


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84 Responses to Apron Giveaway from Cupcake Provocateur! *closed*

  1. Nicole

    I love everything about those aprons! They are fabulous! I’d look to be feeling sassy baking up a storm in that apron!

  2. Krista

    Oh.My.G. Thats totally freaking amazing and possibly the best apron I have EVER seen. DAYUM. I love the fact these are so….provocative! LOVE IT!!

  3. S. Vanessa Hailey

    I love the retro look. It is classic sexy.

  4. Sagan

    So cute! Plus I love how much of the body it covers. Not getting any flour etc past that apron!

    I think I would HAVE to cook and bake more if I had that apron. And show it off to everyone for sure. It would be awesome.

  5. Chris

    they are great cause I can wear them even when I am not in the kitchen ;)

  6. chelseathebaker

    They are pure hawtness and any baking enthusiast would look SO cute in them and probably needs one. I know I do.

  7. Cupcakefarms

    I’m not gonna lie, I would definitely wear it as a dress around town, it’s that cute.

  8. Paula

    They great cause you can feel like a sexy momma while whipping up dinner!

  9. Brittany

    Holy Moly Cannoli!! These aprons are adorable! I’ve always loved the pin-up/vintage look. These are very very cute! I love the cupcake charms too!

  10. tracy perkins

    Love it!!! Awesome apron! Perfect for our upcomming trade show. We would look hot in these aprons and draw lots of attention for the bakery. I need this apron. :)

  11. Hayley

    I love the shape of that apron! (and the print too, of course!) Absolutely adorable!

  12. Marylu

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Oh beautiful Apron, where have you been all of my life? You’re so flattering. You’re so forgiving. You’re so beautiful. You’ll make me a better person. Return to me…Oh Apron, I LOVE YOU!

  13. Cyndi

    What I like……..is that all the attention would be drawn to me in the wonderful sexiness yet girlyness that the apron has.

  14. marika @ madcap

    Because their aprons are HOT – especially this one!!

  15. Cassie P.

    I am now OBSESSED with these aprons. I already emailed my mom saying I want one for my birthday if I don’t win. I’m such a cook/baker and I don’t own an apron. I do own several ruined pieces of clothes, however, from making such a mess and not wearing an apron.

    Gotta have one!!

  16. julee

    I love aprons, I thought I was the only one who did but I guess not. When I say your tweet I was so excited leopard sounds cute. No it’s not it’s adorable. very trendy not like the traditional look.

  17. Cassandra

    Leopard print is the shit!!!

  18. Jessica Russell

    I LOVE the bright colors, the patterns, the cute little bows! Well, pretty much everything about them! LOVE these aprons!! So fun!

  19. Colleen

    These aprons are completely original and probably worthy of my $600 recent tax rebate….no, they are worthy…but i must resist…. :( if these baby’s had backs, I’d wear them everywhere…heck, I still might!

    I’m kinda upset that I came across these becuase I’d hoped to save my tax refund for a laptop….oh well.


  20. Lael

    Love the retro look of the aprons! The polka dot ones are my favorite by far! I really like the brown and pink polka dot one!!!!!

  21. DeBran Haselwood

    Oh my word! These are the greatest aprons! I have never really been an apron-wearing type of gal because I was a cook when I was younger and my apron was too big, ugly and always dirty! This apron is fabulous and I can totally imagine my two year old begging for one also!! LOVE it! SOOOO super sweet and super sassy at the same time!

  22. Wendi

    There are so many things to love about Cupcake Provocateur’s Aprons. I love the irresistible patterns and style of each apron. They have a nostalgic feel while being fresh,modern, and sexy. The details and shape set them apart from the many other apron companies out there. I could see myself where these aprons for many years to come. I don’t think they will ever go out of style!

  23. Jaelyn

    Oh my, what’s not to like! I like the way they are shaped – looks like the old fashioned hourglass shape. Sexy…

  24. Kira Adams

    I like the 50’s vibe with a little hint of sexy with the corset look.

  25. Kerry Haygood

    I LOVE these aprons. I would love to win this and put it in my daughter’s “Cupcake Essentials” package that I am putting together for her move to Boston…we bake together all the time so she has requested that her going away present be all the tools she needs to continue baking in Boston – so…this apron would be perfect! Thanks!

  26. Elizabeth

    So sexy, so ladylike, lovely, and exactly what I’ve been looking for! My favorite is the valentines one. The pinups especially make for super girly but bad ass pieces. Luv it with extra frosting on top!

  27. Candace

    These aprons are HOT! They are so retro, but classic in the same! These fabrics are like what I would wear in my clothes. These are so original! They are also very affordable. :)

  28. Lindsey

    Oh I love em all! I want one!! So freakin cute!!

  29. Alyssa

    These aprons are SEXY! haha At first, I thought they were dresses and even as i’m looking at them again, they STILL look like dresses! I think they’re a great idea because they would make whomever wears them feel cute, sexy, and playful all while doing her THANG in the kitchen! I know that’s how I would feel! I also love it’s retro style. I think that’s what gives the design it’s playful look…if that makes any sense. haha All-in-all, I LOVE ‘EM!

  30. Ashley

    I am collect aprons and cupcakes and this is adorable! Would be a great piece to have, Love it!

  31. Trendy Pixels

    I would love to win this!! Enter me! Let’s see… the best thing about their aprons is by the the fun patterns. I love the animal prints and the damask patterns. Very chic and modern styles… Also like they way they look “layered” and not like one big piece of fabric. It looks like several pieces of fabric each with it’s own trim. Very cute and very trendy 50’s housewife-ish look.

  32. Nikki

    I love that store! Their aprons are so original and cute! I would love to get one of those!

  33. nancy

    love this. i’d happily play the 50’s housewife in this apron.

  34. Lorrie

    Oooh that’s hot. That’s the kind of apron you wear to great your guy at the door with!

  35. Jennifer Wilmoth

    Wow, those aprons are so sexy! I love all things retro, especially in the kitchen, but these have an extra je ne sais quoi that the real 50’s lacked.

  36. JZ

    OHH retro styles! <3 them!

  37. Brandy

    So cute and sexy. I love it!

  38. Karen

    I love the leopard apron! I can see baking alot of cupcakes in this, the only problem is I don’t know which would be dessert, me or the cupcakes!! :)

  39. Candice

    Wow, I love the pin up/sassy/sexiness of them! They are practical and haute! I didn’t see a pattern I didn’t like.

  40. Carolyn G

    I love the retroness of them. Plus, the fabric choices are fabulous and I like that they are fitted.

  41. Seline

    I love the uniqueness of these aprons.

  42. Laura M

    I have never seen aprons quite like these. They’re so cute, sexy, and flirty all at the same time. The patterns and colors are wonderful choices. I would wear any of these in a heartbeat!

  43. kellie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this apron and all the ones at their site. Too cute!! i would TOTALLY wear this as a dress…depending on what the back looked like!! Sexy mama in the kitchen!! YAY!!!!

  44. Jessica Hogan

    love it!!

  45. michelle

    i love them because i know if i wore one while baking, my husband would forget all about his favourite brownies and indulge in my sweetness ;)

  46. Tammy

    WOW – That’s the coolest apron I’ve ever seen!!!

  47. Kitty

    Very sexy, I think I’d look like quite the cupcake myself in that ;)

  48. Mia

    that is a very nice apron.

  49. Lauren

    That has to be the sexiest apron I have ever seen! I love the mix of the pink and leopard print. I would bake many cupcakes wearing it feeling like the princess of cool.

  50. Maitee Batista

    I love them, there the best & the way they make your body look i love wearing it around the house =], i Totally love it!

  51. Laurie

    I could bake some fabulous cupcakes if only I had this apron! I’m sure it would bring me fame and fortune. How could it not?! There will be a line around the block with people waiting to buy the most delicious cupcakes in town and see the bodacious baker in her leopard print apron.

  52. Nika

    I have my c.c.p. apron and I have to say.I do NOT even want to cook in it.Its too pretty to take a chance of messing up :)

  53. Jennifer

    Wow, not only would I be making yummy in cupcakes in this apron, but I would look foxy while doing it!! What fun…

  54. Cathleen

    I love the print and the pink border. It’s very cute!

  55. deede

    These look sooooo 40s! I would love to win!

  56. Amanda

    I just looked at all of those aprons and all I can say is : wow. They totally beat my TJ-MAXX vintage inspired apron (which I wear ever so casually around the house). I have a thing not only for all things cupcake but also for all things vintage, and this classy yet sexy little number would be ideal for me.

  57. Kari

    So cute! I love the style of these aprons! There is no chance of looking like a frumpy Stay at home mom in one of these little numbers!! This would make me want to cook/bake alllll the time, just so I could show it off!!

  58. Danette Carpitella

    Cupcake Provocateur’s aprons marry the two things that make women the beautiful creatures they are- the innate ability to create things from our heart that nourish the body and soul; and our sexuality. The Leopard Lounge apron is the perfect example of a womans beautiful, sweet nurturing side and her sexy inner tigress (or leopardess in this case! ; ) sewn together to wear proudly as she bakes from her heart! It’s simply gorgeous!!

  59. Jessica Amorim

    They’re all fabolous!!! We still sexy, fashion and gorgeous even when we’re baking!!! ;D

  60. Allison

    I love how fashionable,yet retro & still just so gorgeous they are! Especially the ones that seemed to match current themes! I’ve looked into a few trying to find one that dead on fits my personality, & it seems these completely hit the nail on the head! I wish there were more that had the matching potholder sets! I am sooo crazy about these I even showed my husband, he well is a man.. thinks like a man & doesn’t get the girlie part, but would most definitely agree it would get the job done! :) This one is FABULOUS! Just like all!

  61. Lupe

    Oh my Gosh, are you serious? I just stumbled onto this site by complete accident. It’s awesome! I just very recently got into baking cupcakes. I’m TRYING to make my own from scratch. These aprins are adorable! They’re flattering, extremely fashionable, and handy. This makes me want to throw away my ‘screw the 50’s housewife bit, make your own damn cupcakes.’ view and slip this on. Bake bake bake! … And that’s saying something.

  62. Lupe

    Wow, I totally spelled apron wrong there, too. My bad! It’s 6AM and I haven’t slept, I’m a little loopy. :]

  63. Shelley Schmaltz

    I was born in the 50’s and grew up around lots of women in the kitchen. All in not just aprons but beautiful, homemade aprons. Most of my family is gone now and there’s not one of those aprons to be found anywhere. I was heartbroken. I was so happy to find The Cupcake Provacateur! Finally aprons like I remember!!! They are just gorgeous!! I want to collect as many as possible. Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  64. LVSweetTreetz

    SUPER CUTE! Talk about baking in style! :)

  65. Jex

    What I like of Cupcake Provocateur is the style of the site and products, so retro, so cute, so girly! I wish I can buy everything!

  66. Laura M.

    ya know, i think my husband is more interested in me winning this apron – i was checking it out and i see him happen to look ever my shoulder and go, ‘i would eat more of your cupcakes if you baked them looking like this’ (he’s not much of a sweets guy), hahaha:)

  67. mic

    those are sexy….my husband would love me baking cupcakes on these aprons!

  68. Amy B.

    They are beautiful. I would love to win this. I would surely be cooking in style with this. Thanks for the chance.

  69. Ellelalasweets

    They are sexy, figure flattering and just plain fantastic! I would totally wear one out over a simple black tank and tulle skirt!!!

  70. Emma

    I love how sexy it is. This is defenitly not your moms old worn apron. This looks like a corset top. Time for a sexy cupcake party to me! :)

  71. tammy brodbeck

    The one major think That I love about Cupcake Provocateur’s aprons is, they would fit my girls in the top, YEAH! I also love the prints and the sexiness. Totally bookmarking for Mother’s Day, Hubby will be given free reign to pick one out-hopefully there isnt a girl attached :)

  72. Ashley

    These are adorable! If I dont win, I totally buying one! These should be made as dresses too, they are so cute.

  73. Astra

    These aprons are cute! I love to own one ( :

  74. Jennifer H.

    As a new wife I love to bake and try new recipes. But sometimes the cookies I thought would taste divine and prove my prowess in the kitchen turn out to be a disaster. Yes, I’ve made sugar cookies that taste like water. So, the next time my husband comes home from a long day at work, and I’ve completely destroyed the kitchen and the whole house smells like burnt coconut…at least he’ll have a hottie in his kitchen wearing high heels and a vampy apron.

  75. Andreah

    I love that they are not your grandmother’s apron. So sexy!

  76. Stephanie

    I absolutely love Cupcake Provocateur’s apron collection. Not only do they provide modern and chic prints and fabrics but the craftsmanship is amazing. Not a stray piece of thread or stitching out of place. The retro look and feel of these aprons allow regular Plain Jane’s to release their inner pin up girl. I truly appreciate the look of a well detailed,classy and sexy apron over what’s normally seen.

  77. Erykah

    I heart the website. Very vintage i’m loving it. the aprons are very sexy.

  78. Jena Gonzales

    I reallyl like that they take you back to a simpler era while still be modern and sexy enough that you want to wear them today! they make it ok for a women to both be suzy home maker and the sex kitten thats hdden inside all of us! who said you cant be sexy and classy?

  79. Tara Harra

    Oh my Goodness, what is not to love about these aprons. The are sexy, sophisticated and just so darn adorable! I would love to win one.

  80. Christina Tomsic

    These aprons make me want to believe that you CAN have your cake and eat it too!! Who ever said you can’t cook or bake AND look super sexy while doing it! I love the fact that Cupcake Provocateur` really “tuned” in when designing these and focused on the female body and gave just enough curve where it was needed! What lady doesn’t like showing off their figure?!? (especially when you get to wear something so flattering) The fabrics and color choices are marvelous on the entire collection! I absolutely love the retro/vintage flare that each one has!! Oh, and as if these aprons weren’t sassy enough already..then you add the little bows..they are the PERFECT touch!! Your surely going turn a few heads when wearing one of these gorgeous creations! I think I could go on and on telling you about all the things that make me L-O-V-E this apron collection, but I’d rather wait until I have one of my own! (::wink wink::) These aren’t just aprons they are works of art and a MUST-HAVE for any avid hostess, baker, or cook!!

  81. Glenda

    I love the way they are cut in an hourglass shape!!! You could feel cute and feminine
    while cooking instead of frumpy.

    I love the pink bows.

    I went to work part time for benefits while my daughter is in school. I wear a frumpy apron and feel like an ogre all day. It would feel special to come home and cook dinner in this!

  82. Debbie Sweeten-Claing

    These apron are fubulous. Not only do they look fashionable, sexy, durable and comfortable. This is well looks like an apron that would hold up in the kitchen and yet, nice enough to wear to the store as well. It takes a brilliant mind to come up with a design that could cover the area’s you have achieved.. Spectacular!

  83. Marsha Jones

    The styles are very flattering and I love the color combinations.

  84. joan apron

    Just adore all these aprons and would want to wear ALL of them as they are SO feminine, domesticated and sexy.

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