MAC Cosmetics Sugarsweet Collection

By on March 4th, 2009 . Filed under: Bed, Bath, Body .

Makeup giant MAC Cosmetics has announced a tasty new limited edition collection called “Sugarsweet” due out this spring. Playful seasonal shades of pink, lavendar and mint green dominate this fun confectionary collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses and other cosmetic delights. Tasty names such as Dear Cupcake, Red Velvet and Perfect Topping make this a wonderful choice for the cupcake enthusiast!!

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5 Responses to MAC Cosmetics Sugarsweet Collection

  1. Kira Adams

    OMG I love it! I need it!

  2. Elizabeth

    super stoked. will def be stocking up on those lip glosses!

  3. Idol Lash

    Does anyone know if those eyelash growth products work? Do they really grow lashes or do they just make them look like they have grown by thickening them?

  4. Cinthia Czepiel

    I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page ws sign for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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