Knuckle Tattoo Apron by LivingThread

By on March 3rd, 2009 . Filed under: Accessories, Kitchen .

Oh how much I love this frilly-yet-badass apron from LivingThread! So much so that, if it had a full back or I had a less-full backside, I would totally wear it as a dress this summer.

To be honest, I was going to post about an adorable half-apron she added to her shop yesterday, but it looks as though it was so adorable someone else already snatched it up!

Don’t let it happen to you! Run, don’t walk to Etsy and make this hot little number yours for a mere $35! Why not pick up a snarky dish towel or an ice cream cone pin cushion while you’re there?

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3 Responses to Knuckle Tattoo Apron by LivingThread

  1. Kitty

    As soon as I read “Knuckle Tattoo Apron” I knew it would be you LOL

  2. Angela

    This is awesome! Would it be weird if I wanted to wear this every day?

  3. Elizabeth

    This is amazing. I must have one.

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