Crumbs has a new website and they ship!

By on March 1st, 2009 . Filed under: Bakeries, Mail Order .

If you haven’t checked out Crumbs Bakeshop yet, they have a new site and now ship their cupcakes! I have yet to try Crumbs cupcakes, but if you have, let us know your thoughts!

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7 Responses to Crumbs has a new website and they ship!

  1. Robin

    I have been to the Crumbs at Bryant Park in NYC. Not only are they delicious, but they are beautiful. My girlfriend and I split three. One was a Cosmo, one was Cappuccino and the third Peanut Butter Cup. Yum, yum. Maybe I’ll have to order some.

  2. Matt Anderson

    So, I happened to randomly search Crumbs, found this website, and was compelled to leave a review. Let me tell you about Crumbs cupcakes. Never- and I’ve had many- has a cupcake looked so beautiful and tasted so good. It is such an experience. Luckily, I live on the Upper West Side and can go whenever I please, but these cupcakes are beyond gorgeous. Go check out their website and order some…they are beyond perfect! I would recommend red velvet, blackout, and the grasshopper. Absolutely perfect.

  3. kat

    just recently found out crumbs delivers through website. we ordered and these cupckes are awesome. definitely ordering again. one must try crumbs cupcakes. the best around

  4. Hyacinth Mildenberger

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