Sweet As A Cupcake Personalized Stationery

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Sweet As A Cupcake Personalized Stationery $30

These cards can be personalized with your name and return address, and adorned with this cute cupcake graphic! This is offered as a set of 25 cards and 25 envelopes. You can find this and other great stationery on beccamichele’s Etsy page.

Stationery can be found here: beccamichele.etsy.com

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4 Responses to Sweet As A Cupcake Personalized Stationery


    these are so cute

  2. Krislyn

    Hello i dont know if you can help me but I am starting a business called “Pieces of Heaven” we make cupcakes,cookies and candies. I am trying to look for personalized cupcake liners. A place where I could put my business name on the liners. Please email me back and let me know that would be great



  3. Mika

    Krislyn, I am also looking for personalized cupcake liners. Did you have any luck finding them??? I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!


  4. hungry runner

    I’d suggest Etsy, people on there are usually willing to customize items for you. You could always put a bid on Etsy’s alchemy portion, that way you can describe what you’re looking for and the offers come to you. You might also want to try here, http://animatedcupcakes.blogspot.com/ supposedly they do custom wrappers although they can be fancy and more themed then logos.

    Good luck! and be sure to let us know if you do come across custom cupcake wrappers.

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