Ratu kek’s Cupcakes

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We received these photos and this email from ATC Reader Ratu kek…

i’ve been a fan of ATC for about a year now n still cnt get enough of it..i surf ATC almost everyday..ur website really makes my day..
i’m Ratu kek..which means ‘the queen of cakes’..from Malaysia..
worked in a cake shop before but now doing it full-time,home-base..no blog or website..still working on it..but at the moment i advertise my photos thru facebook..
i would like to share some of my creations with the ATC fans..hope u can help me post it on ATC  n share my passion of baking n decorating with other fans..
thanks a lot.. n keep up the good work
have a nice day
Thanks for sharing your cupcakes with us Ratu kek. They look gorgeous!
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4 Responses to Ratu kek’s Cupcakes

  1. Lori

    Those are some beautiful cupcakes!

  2. RATUkek

    feel free to browse more designs at

  3. Keycake

    Absolutely LOVE these cakes!

  4. imafakatawqi

    Apparently the risk of marriages,

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