Nancy’s Wedding Cupcakes

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ATC Reader Nancy just sent us these photos and this email…

I just discovered your fabulous site and have spent the last several hours catching up on posts and emailing them to friends and family like crazy.  I LOVE cupcakes.  Not sure if you post stuff like this regularly, but I thought I would pass along pictures of my wedding cupcake stand, especially as it was an April wedding and had a “cherry blossom” color scheme.  They were from Tracy’s Divine Desserts in Milwaukee, WI. So happy I found this blog!

Thank you for sharing your wedding cupcakes with us Nancy. They are beautiful!

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4 Responses to Nancy’s Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Linda Hum

    These cupcakes are gorgeous!

  2. Teresa

    Nancy, I’m trying to find that cake topper of the couple on the scooter…did you buy it from the baker who made your gorgeous cupcakes?

  3. Katie

    Hi Nancy,
    I am getting married in Lake Geneva and was looking for a bakery that would make a cupcake tower like yours. Does Tracy still do hers? I tried to google her and only came up with this site and your wedding. Gorgeous by the way:)

  4. cheyenne

    this cute

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