Dear Husbands/Boyfriends: This is How to Win at <3 Day

By on February 13th, 2009 . Filed under: Gifts, Jewelry .

As previously blogged here, Tiffany & Co. has the sweetest little cupcake charm in the world. I just had to announce to an audience of people who I know will appreciate it that my awesome husband walked his big, bearded, tattooed self into Tiffany’s today and brought this little sweetie home to me.

As if it wasn’t cute enough, he had our three-year-old give it to me. I was loading the dishwasher when I hear, “Look mama, blue present!” Happy Valentines Day, ATC readers! And hey men-folk- the mall is still open, you too can win at V-Day!

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6 Responses to Dear Husbands/Boyfriends: This is How to Win at <3 Day

  1. YSLGuy

    MUST have this! Ugh, it’s too cute. I have a cute cupcake necklace that was given to me as a gift from the store Metropark. This is SOOOO cute though. Congrats on the wonderful gift.

  2. jimaiemarie

    This is ADORABLE!! What a great present, you’re a lucky mama! :)

  3. Jessica

    AH! How wonderful! I hope you don’t mind- but I am asking my man for one now too :)

  4. Heaven

    I have one too! They were sold out at the store and I had to have it mailed to me, so buy now!

  5. Lyns

    How beautiful of a story is that? A total blue clue! Yay to your wee little man and big hugs to your big bearded sweetheart!!!!! Happy v day to you N !!!! <3

  6. Emma

    yep, my boyfriend got that for me for xmas<3 He definitely won me over!

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